#MSS2011 Malaysian Night is for 1World – Day 2 (Part 3)

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It was “free and easy” session after the bicycle ride until dinner time. After the bicycle ride, I was so happy to sit under my shower with cold water streaming down my hair and body. In the evening, while the others were hanging out and lounging near the Infinity Pool, I got some sunset moments.

I love beaches and the sun. A beautiful combination. And now just waiting for dinner time.

It is called the Malaysian Night. With an array of Malaysian food and Malaysian performances, this truly is a 1Malaysia setting. The people who are in the Convention Hall for the feast however, are 1World. There are many tourists from all parts of the world such as Japan, China, Australia, Thailand, Russia, Indonesia and others. Everybody were merry and all are enjoying the food when I arrived at the hall with Hanis at around 7.45pm, after doing my prayers.


Food. That’s probably the unmentioned theme of the night. :lol:

“Then it’s time for desserts”

Since everybody was busy eating, I went to get some food for myself too although I was still quite full from lunch and tea time. We seem to be eating all the time in MySelangorStory. I will put on a kilo or two by the end of this competition.

Did I say earlier that there’s performances tonight? Yup, there are some Malay type performances – silat, lompat buluh – and then there are some Hindi type performances with Bhangra music and so many more. The Chinese and Japanese tourists were enjoying themselves tremendously and dancing along to the music. There are two MC’s where one spoke in English and another spoke in Mandarin.

Oh, and guess who are the guys dancing and performing on stage? Some of them are the beach boys that the girls in the MySelangorStory 2011 were ogling at the beach today. :-D I’m not included though, because I like fairer guys (ahem!).

Finally, before the ending of the performance, they invited the audience to do the “joget” on stage. Many of the audience took the opportunity to join in on the fun – even though some of them hardly know how to “joget”.

A little trivia : “Joget” is one of the most popular Malay traditional dance in Malaysia. It is originated in Malacca, influenced by the Portuguese dance “Branyo” in the era of the spice trade. It is usually a couple dance, the tempo is quick with the feeling of teasing between the partners. In Malacca, it is also known as “Chakunchak”.

After all the fun, we had a brief “meeting” at Amelia’s room before some of us went for late night drinks with some hot bahulu. I had a hard time going to sleep because one thing, my leg muscles are killing me from all the cycling and knowing that tonight is the last night sleeping on the comfy Golden Palm Tree bed makes me more sad. I surely will miss this bed! No doubt, this was an awesome stay at Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa!


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