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“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.” ― Anaïs Nin

What about Bella Enveeus?

Bella have always loved writing. Writing is a channel for her to unload the noises in her head and to unburden herself from the rapid stirs of the world. Bella’s world is probably small, but it is not too small to lack adventures and it is not too big to make her lacking of friendships, happiness and a lot of craziness.

This woman is a small-scale entrepreneur. Always showed a teeny bit more interest in extra money-making compared to other things, she has decided to pursue her dreams of owning something of her own, albeit starting from the bottom, which reddened her hands and gave her back pains (typical Virgo). Yet, after many months of sleepless nights and countless migraines, she has somewhat able to arrive to where she had so long-planned.

Once upon a time dreamed of being a model (scratch that!). Many times dreamed of being a heroine in a KDrama (scratch that too!). She dreamed a lot – typical Virgo.

Recently, Bella has had regular itchy feet. She blames it on her friends. She has too many traveler friends. They very much ruined her relaxed, stay-at-home-curled-with-a-book-in-lap sessions. All she does every month is to get her job done, collect her salary and book the next flight ticket to somewhere over the rainbow. Gone were the days of careful planning and writing up proper itinerary. Gone were the days of fair supple skin and presentable light make-up on face. Either she is too busy trying to rush to the airport to even slap a little lipstick on or she had to leave the body lotions and hair products out of the luggage bag (extra luggage weights are too pricey, you see) or she is just more than happy to go with the flow and let her skin soak UV rays and turn her into 50 Shades of Brown.

You can read her #RunawayBella escapades here –> Runaway Bella.

Bella loves to make new friends but sometimes she is just shy. She is an introvert by nature so, if you happen to see her cross the paveway or buying groceries at a nearby grocer or window shopping outside ZARA (she adores those blazers and jackets), do go to her and say “Hi.” She promise you, she won’t bite. Meow~

Awards won by ENVEEUS.COM & Bella Enveeus :

2012 :
1 – Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers & Conference Awards 2012 (MITBCA) :

  • Tourism Blog Of The Year 2012 (Winner)

2 – Fluid Art Movement Petronas Lubricants International Blogging Competition :

  • Best Blog Post (Grand Prize)

2011 :
1 – MySelangorStory 2011

  • The Cube Blog Award (Winner)


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Enveeus is a personal blog that touches on Travels, Events and Lifestyle. Topics and Narration may vary according to writer’s moods. Any use of  third-party videos/photos/information will be accordingly credited. In an event that Enveeus or its associates fails to give credit/misjudged/any factual mistakes, please Contact Enveeus to resolve the matter.

Thank you.
(Bella Enveeus is from MALAYSIA, a country of diverse race, religion and beliefs.)

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