Experience Nights Of Fright 6 #SLNOF6 At Sunway Lagoon This Halloween

It’s the 6th year of thrill-seeking for those who love ghosts and ghouls and Sunway Lagoon is always here to provide a good scare. I was invited to Sunway Lagoon’s Nights Of Fright 6 #NOF6 a few days ago and since I’ve enjoyed myself tremendously, I think you should too!

Sunway Lagoon Nights Of Fright 6 #SLNOF6


It’s that time of the month again and the horrors of Halloween are back on earth to scare you. If you’re a fan of horrifying scares or just want to test your bravery, then maybe you should come to Sunway Lagoon’s Nights Of Fright 6.

From 28th September to 31st October 2018, every Friday to Sunday (only) and on Halloween night (Wednesday the 31st), Nights Of Fright 6 has an array of tasteful scares for us. I haven’t been to Nights Of Fright since three years ago and although I have had much fun back then, I hoped that this year’s Nights Of Fright would be different than the last time I was here so that I could share about it with my readers.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Ticket rates for entrance to Nights Of Fright 6

There are a few types of tickets (packages) available for purchase at the counter near the main entrance. Based on your tickets, you would either get just entrance tickets, one drink (Blood Bag is a drink) and accessory (Devil’s horn) too.

Ticket rates are as below:

  1. Normal Rate – RM69 per person (with a blood bag or devil’s horn)
  2. Express Combo – RM114 per person (express pass + a blood bag or devil’s horn)
  3. Hellfest Combo – RM79 per person (NOF6 ticket + Hellfest movie ticket) (until 10 Oct only)
  4. Passport Member’s Deal – RM45 per person (walk-in only)
  5. In-Park Guest – RM45 per person (walk-in only)

Haunted Attractions To Expect At Sunway Lagoon Nights Of Fright 6

The star of Nights Of Fright 6 would be the evil cannibal-like spirit that devours mankind. According to Algonquian legend, this spirit might appear as a monster or a spirit that possesses mankind and making them become monstrous.

It is historically associated with acts of murder, insatiable greed and other cultural taboos. And this year, Sunway Lagoon Nights Of Fright 6 is housing this monster called WENDIGO – THE LEGEND IN THE MIST. Have you heard of Wendigo before? Read about it, it’s quite interesting.

Apart from a human-eating monster, there’s another equally hated being by most adults and children and it’s none other than the clowns. PHOBIA: COULROPHOBIA – THE FEAR OF CLOWNS is something I dislike strongly. Ok, maybe I hate clowns. It didn’t help that the first horror movie I watched when I was young was It and his red balloon. So yeah, if you’re like me, you would also hate seeing them. Just don’t touch them though.


If you’re into slashing type of horror, then the slaughterhouse and meat-packing plant is one for you. I never liked that kind of thriller, it does not go very well with my fragile heart but, SLAUGHTERHOUSE 13 would be perfect for you thrill seekers! Just be careful who (or what!) you find hanging on the beef hooks!


Zombies are not my thing either. It’s not that I’m scared of them, I just didn’t think it was possible for brain-eaters to be scary. What if they ate very stupid people? Will they be stupid as well? #FoodForThought. However, ZOMBIE ZOO, on the other hand, might get you in more than a little trouble – especially since it’s underground and set deep inside a mountain!


SCARYTALES THEATRE- GHOST STORIES  is another must-go place when you’re at Sunway Lagoon’s Nights Of Fright 6. There are many hair-raising horror stories shared from the local ghost stories and legends, namely, Pontianak, Toyol and Pocong. If you’re one who’s weak in the knees when you see these “hantu’s”, then maybe you should proceed with caution here.

This was the first time I tried the GHOST FACE – THE FACE TO MAKE YOU SCREAM IN UV3D and I wasn’t prepared for the kinds of stuff that made me wish I didn’t see. It may look like some “night in the museum” setting but no, some of the horror characters in celluloid will stay in your mind and surprise you even after you have left the haunted house.

If you’re a fan of horror and psycho movies, then the HORRORWOOD STUDIOS WAX MUSEUM OF MONSTERS is definitely a place you cannot miss. Yeah sure, they’re all wax but wouldn’t it be cool to take a photo with a still wax figure than a moving psycho killer character?

And finally, how can you celebrate Halloween without the iconic GHOSTBUSTERS and their ghost-catching skills (or high-tech equipment to catch ghosts)? At Sunway Lagoon’s Nights Of Fright 6, there are some new ghosts to bust as New York is lit with jack-o-lanterns.

Scare Zones Around Sunway Lagoon’s Nights Of Fright 6


There are 4 different scare zones for you to enter around Sunway Lagoon. So make sure to go through each one as you experience Nights Of Fright 6 and share with me if any of them made you scream.

  1. Jampi – Asian Rituals: A path of Asian witches chanting mantras and performing rituals
  2. Haunted Shipwreck: Land of dead pirates roaming around in search of treasures
  3. Tanah Puaka – Cursed Land: A cursed land where you might get caught as you step in, so always be alert!
  4. Killer Scarecrows: They scare the crows, but they also kill!

Show Stages and Photo-Op for Visitors to Sunway Lagoon’s Nights Of Fright 6

Performances on show stages will be at a specific time of the night so if you like some of the shows, make sure to be at the show stage on time. Yes, “Nightmare stage” and “Fire Gods stage” are at two different locations.


8:00pm : Alter Ego @ Nightmare Stage (Opening Act)

8:30pm: Years of Pain @ Nightmare Stage

8:45pm: Soldiers of Amun Ra @ Fire of Gods Stage

9:00pm: Wendigo @ Nightmare Stage

9:30pm: Years of Pain @ Nightmare Stage

9:45pm: Book of Dead @ Fire of Gods Stage

10:00pm: Soldiers of Amun Ra @ Fire of Gods Stage

10:45pm: Book of Dead @ Fire of Gods Stage

11:30pm: Creatures of The Night @ Nightmare Stage (Closing Act)

You can also find two locations for photo opportunities – that is, if you didn’t go around Sunway Lagoon selfie-ing and wefie-ing about. Go to Insta-Fear Stage or Horrorjuku (before the Exit).

F&B at Nights Of Fright 6

You will be able to find many choices of Food and Beverages at Nights Of Fright 6, from Blood Bags (drinks), to many Halloween-themed choices of food – charcoal (delicious!) pizzas, spooky burgers (you would be spooked if you don’t get a set!), finger fries and many more.

Follow these little flying globes (ghosts) to find your food and beverages

So fuel up your belly and enjoy Nights Of Fright 6 with your friends and family!

Watch in HD (and turn up the volume) for a better experience



You could win 4-To-Go Package Worth RM800 (4x admission tickets + RM20 F&B & RM20 retail vouchers) when you submit your review at the survey booth next to Nightmare Stage.

So make sure to experience Sunway Lagoon Nights of Fright 6 #SLNOF6 yourself from September 28th until October 31st 2018. The Nights of Fright 6 is only available every Friday – Sunday and on the last day Wednesday, October 31st, from 7:30pm to 11:30pm.

Footnote: Nights Of Fright 6 is strictly for 12 years old and above. Some haunted houses might not be suitable for those who suffer epilepsy.

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