D’Aura Saloon Le Soul Hair: Muslimah-Friendly Hair Saloon

“Hair is a woman’s crown”. This is not only true for ladies whom let their hair loose (ahh, I remember back in those days) but it is especially true for muslimah’s and hijabistas.

Wearing a hijab should not be a hindrance but as a person who wears a hijab, I find it quite hard to find a Muslim-friendly ladies-only hair saloon where I can get my haircut or hair treatment and not worry that men will be nearby and accidentally see my aurah.

D’Aura Saloon Le Soul Hair, Seri Kembangan

With Puan Dina

Located at Seri Kembangan, D’Aura Saloon is located next to other D’Aura establishments – D’Aura Spa, D’Aura Steamboat and D’Aura Cafe. Opened in early February, the owner Puan Dina, a woman in her 30’s informed that D’Aura Saloon is to cater to women of all ages and race, for their comfort and style.

A Muslimah saloon or women-only saloon is getting more popular each day in Malaysia. Hence, the idea behind D’Aura Saloon is not foreign.

Early this month I tried some of D’Aura Saloon’s hair treatment package, including a haircut. I was quite bored with my limp long hair and thought of getting a simpler, easy-to-care hair length. I asked for above shoulder-length haircut, something that would keep my hair out of my way when I wear my hijab.

VIP room

That morning, I opted to get my haircut and hair treatment done in one of the VIP rooms. I feel more comfortable here – it was less noisy and more private. After taking off my hijab, the hair stylist asked me what sort of hair style I am planning to do. I informed her of the hair length I wanted and she suggested that above shoulder-length with some layered texture would be great for my face shape.

Before I started my session, one of the staff brought a drink for me. The hairstylist then started the session with cutting my hair first before washing my hair. After that, she put on some hair mask to my hair and scalp before covering my head with hair steamer for about 20 minutes.

The whole session took about almost an hour and I was so happy with the hair style that I get and the silky feeling of my hair after the treatment session ends. It felt like that the whole day, until after my next hair wash.

Luxurious Saloon With Affordable Pricing

D’Aura Saloon can house about 18 customers at one time. The huge saloon has 2 separate open-air concept and also 2 rooms (named as VIP rooms) for those who prefer a more private pampering session. The concept of the saloon is modern and chic – which is bright and spacious. One glance you would think the services in the saloon are expensive but they’re actually very affordable.

Of course you would find the usual set-up of a saloon at D’Aura Saloon but the more interesting part is the children’s room in the corner. So for mothers who think they do not have the time to come to a saloon for a hair session because of their young child, be rest assured because at D’Aura Saloon, your children will be occupied toys, colour pencils, colouring books and others. Mothers will be able to keep an eye out on their child and get their hair done at the same time.

For the time being, D’Aura Saloon is using Revlon product. Soon, however, they might change to a different brand or come up with their own hair product line like they did at their spa outlet.

Right now, D’Aura Saloon is introducing a promotional price for haircuts in conjunction with their new opening.

Weekend price haircut: RM18
Weekday price haircut: RM15
There are other interesting priced promos as time goes so you must be sure to check out their Facebook and get up-to-date with offers.

If you are interested to get your hair done, you want to treat your hair and scalp or you plan to get any other hair services done, do come by D’Aura Saloon at Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

D’Aura Saloon Le Soul Hair
Across Persiaran Pinggiran Putra, Seksyen 2,
Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
Tel: 0192217702


UPDATE (30/10/2020):

RM118++ setiap servis di bwh ikut panjang rambut💎PERCUMA hair booster treatment (supaya rambut x rosak )
💋hair rebonding @ relaxing💋hair colour

Terapi rambut satu rm98. Xde CHARGE TAMBAHAN
💋hair treatment💋herbal hair fall therapy 💋scalp treatment

💎khas untuk memulihkan rambut rosak.rambut lebih bersinar.teratur.senang diurus

> Adult cut rm30 >Wash blow rm30 adult
Combo adult cut wash n blow rm55

> kids hair cut rm20
> kids hair cut rm20
Kids combo cut wash blow rm35

💥Promosi spa rm58 satu rawatan utk 40minit
Nak buat muka, rambut,badan,kaki semua boleh!!!!
💖Nak urrut badan,sauna,body scrub,yogurt body therapy,bertangas,reflexology,bertungku,naik peranakan ,ginger body therapy,resdung,ear canding,facial semua boleh

Lokasi kami di HAIR SALON Putra Walk,Jln pp25,Taman Pinggiran Putra, Sek2, Seri Kembangan (sederet maulana daun pisang)

Dibuka 10am-7pm

📌utk spa kena book www.wasap.my/60192217702/augsalon

2 thoughts on “D’Aura Saloon Le Soul Hair: Muslimah-Friendly Hair Saloon

  • at

    The worst saloon service ever….rebonding take about 8 hours…the price so much expensive…promotion mention 138++ but the price 300++…the first and last visit to the saloon…not recommended at all…rating 0

    • at

      Oh no, I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience like I did at the saloon. The total was not as the promotion price? Have you spoken to the management? 🙁


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