De’Figues : New Facial Product Line By Herlysa Vegan

When I was first invited to join a “Bloggers Meet” with the owner and founder of Herlysa Vegan in Senawang, Negeri Sembilan, I was excited. I was told that Herlysa Vegan is a Malaysian company, producing beauty products from it’s own factory.

Stepping into Herlysa Vegan’s office, my eyes took in one interesting part of the office – home made soaps. I make my own soaps too sometimes (although, some of the organic ingredients can be quite expensive when buying in small quantity), so I was happy to see this evidence of organic products.

What Is Herlysa Vegan?

VNI Scientific Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Herlysa Enterprise) is the company that produces products under the name Herlysa Vegan. The origin “holder” of the name is the daughter of the company’s founder – Aina Herlysa.

From its inception in July 2014, Herlysa Enterprise slowly grew and expanded by producing it’s own organic products and now having it’s own factory producing the products in Senawang. What’s better is that, Herlysa Vegan products are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified and has HACCP (Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points) Certification from the government of Malaysia.

The company has also submitted it’s proposal to Malaysia’s HALAL Board and is waiting for positive result from them.

De’Figues – Herlysa Vegan’s New Product Line

The name De’Figues is derived from the word, Fig (Buah Tin). In the surah At-Tin of the Qur’an, the word “tin” is in the same phrase as the word “zaitun” (olive).

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I often read the first line of Surah At-Tin but I realize that people often produce products, even beauty products based on olive (oil) but not on fig. I know there must be a reason why the olive and fig fruit is said in the Qur’an. It must have it’s own benefits and so, we try to discover it’s properties and use it as a base to our products. – Madam Nor Savina, founder of Herlysa Vegan.

Madam Nor Savina

Taking fig as the base of Herlysa Vegan’s products, the company then researched and has recently produced two (2) products under the line called De’Figues.

When I was at the “Blogger Meet”, I was given both these products to try for myself.

  • De’Figues Face Mist – The fig extract (or better known as ficus carica) is said to be able to quicken the process of skin whitening safely and help slow down the aging process. This product is best used to keep the skin hydrated, fresh and shrink open pores.

I have tried spraying my face with the Face Mist a few times. The first time I did, after freshly washed and cleaned my face, I felt a stinging and minty sensation after spraying the face mist to my face. The feeling however, would be different when I sprayed the face mist on my skin that has been covered with makeup.

I was told that the mist helps to lock in moisture and makeup after makeup application. I think it does help, but I did have to spray my face a few times before makeup application and a few times more after that.

But my friends know that I’m not much of a makeup user – only on special days. So most of the time I just carry the Face Mist to help moisturize my dry skin, especially during my travels.

  • De’Figues Double Serum – The fist serum that is not only made from the extract of fig but also the first “double serum” product in Malaysia. Added with other organic products such as vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Witch hazel, this product is said to help clear skin from acne scars, help smooth skin and allow it to look glow-y and healthy.
De’Figues Double Serum

I’ve only recently used this product. Since I have recently had this acne scar problem on my left cheek (part of the reason was caused by my hormone imbalance due to the infections I had in June), I would really love to see if this Double Serum could be the miracle that can fix my scar problem.

I was told that the product does would take at least a few weeks to show results (this is how it’s supposed to be because products that show quick results are usually chemically laden that it can be absorbed into the skin and cause organ failures).

I guess I’ll have to wait a while to see if this double serum would work for me.

It has been really great meeting the founder of Herlysa Vegan, Madam Nor Savina and also the “brains” behind the formulas of Herlysa Vegan’s products, Mr. Zainal Abidin. I wished I had more opportunity to talk to Mr. Zainal Abidin but the 10 minutes we did spoke has been enlightening.

With Madam Nor Savina
With Mr. Zainal Abidin

How Can You Purchase Herlysa Vegan Products?

If you’re interested in buying Herlysa Vegan products like the above, these are the steps:

  1. Go to this link
  2. Click “Produk” from the Drop Down Menu
  3. Choose which product you would like to purchase
  4. Click “Add To Cart”
  5. Insert your name, address and other relevant details before Checkout
  6. Make payment after Checkout and wait for your product to arrive.

Since Herlysa Vegan’s products are organic and does not contain radicals that can hurt your skin or give negative effects on your organs on the long run, you can be safe and sure to use these for yourself or to promote to your friends.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Research about these products, and see for yourself if it’s approved by the KKM Malaysia by going to this link.

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