ENCHANTEUR Stunning: Stop Him in His Tracks with Only a Whiff

ENCHANTEUR has been a part of my dressing table since I was a teenager. I’ve always loved the smell and how the scent lingers on me even after many hours. My favourite used to be the “Romantic” scent but I thought of changing to a different scent recently when I chanced upon Enchanteur “Stunning”.

My verdict?

I love this box

ENCHANTEUR Stunning Personal Care Range

When I was younger, I only love using the ENCHANTEUR perfumed talc. Even though I only powder my body but the scent would stick to my clothes too and leave me smelling and feeling fresh throughout the day.

Isn’t it lovely?
Range of ENCHANTEUR Stunning Personal Care Products: Eau de Toilette, Perfumed Deo Roll-on, Perfumed Body Lotion, Perfumed Deo Mist, Perfumed Talc

However, I know that if I wear the whole range of ENCHANTEUR product (perfumed body lotion, powdered talc, perfumed deo roll-on, perfumed deo mist and eau de toilette), I would be smelling like a million bucks floating on clouds of fresh flowers the whole day.

When ENCHANTEUR Stunning released it’s new Eau De Toilette with it’s gorgeous bottle, I was in love. The bottle is perfect for me – shaped to illustrate the curvaceous feminine silhouette in a pleated mermaid gown and crowned with a blooming rose cap, making it look ethereal and sweet at the same time.

After just one spritz to my inner wrist, a distinctive blend of Turkish Rose, Magnolia, enhanced with the sweetness of Blackcurrent Bud and Raspberry with the sultry headiness of Sandalwood whiffed to my nostrils and immediately made me feel lifted up and prepared for the day.

In my opinion, ENCHANTEUR Stunning would be perfect for ladies of all ages. It’s long-lasting scent would be perfect for working ladies, in and out of the office. It’s slim bottles are perfect to slip into a handbag, backpack or luggage. The affordable personal care range is perfect to be used for yourself or to be given as a gift to your loved ones.

  • ENCHANTEUR Eau De Toilette fragrance retails at just RM28.20 (including 6% GST) per bottle of 50ml.
  • ENCHANTEUR Lotion is available in various pack sizes which are priced at RM5.40 to RM17.60.
  • ENCHANTEUR deodorant range offers different formats – stick, roll-on and spray, priced between RM4.90 to RM8.40 while ENCHANTEUR Talcum is priced between RM4.40 to RM11.80.

ENCHANTEUR range of perfumes and fragranced personal care products are available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. For more information about ENCHANTEUR, visit ENCHANTEUR’s Facebook page.

Have you tried ENCHANTEUR Stunning before, ladies?

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