Face Contouring With Accent Prime At The Idealyst Clinic, KL Trillion

Even though there are some people out there who said that puffy cheeks are cute, most girls just wouldn’t have it. Fat, puffy cheeks are cute like beavers-stuffing-their-mouth-with-food are cute. We don’t want “cute”. We want “hot”, “gorgeous” or “sexy”.

With Accent Prime and it’s Face Contouring procedure, V-shape face could be mine and yours. And that “hot”, “sexy”and “gorgeous” label could be ours too.

Face Contouring With Accent Prime

A few weeks ago, at the Accent Prime by Alma Lasers launch, I received a voucher for a one-time try of Face Contouring with Accent Prime.

I must admit, I do have puffy cheeks, especially since I’ve put on weight recently. My puffy cheeks are further enhanced by some of the shawls I wear to cover my hair. This makes my already round-shaped face look rounder sometimes.

The Idealyst Clinic at KL Trillion

Scheduling an appointment with The Idealyst Clinic at KL Trillion where I did my Face Contouring procedure was a breeze. Stepping into the clinic at level 3A, the ambience is full of elegance and richness. The baroque high-back chair near the entrance was proof of this.

I find the spacious sitting area relaxing and the design on the walls (where behind are treatment rooms) are modern.

There is a room for the therapist to check your skin, especially for first-timers to determine skin type and best treatment for you. There is another waiting room (with a nice view!) before the start of your procedure. There are a few different rooms for different procedures as well. There is also the consultation room, for those who requires the dermatologist assistance.

Face Contouring Procedure

The face contouring procedure using Accent Prime only takes around 30 minutes.

My therapist suggested doing the face contouring to get a more V-shape face because of my age and skin. Older clients might go for the skin rejuvenation procedure instead – to make skin firmer.

Face contouring focuses on both regions of my cheeks – like I told you, I have puffy cheeks. Each side takes about 15 minutes.

Machine used

An ultrasound transducer is fixed onto a sonotrode applicator which delivers energy deep beneath the skin. This helps break fats which then also helps to lessen the puffiness. Some people might experience a little redness but this treatment actually has no downtime.

I was told that many celebrities like to use this treatment before a red-carpet event, to get the V-shape instantly.

Of course, for better results, you need to do this treatment more than once – about 4 times and you can see the difference significantly. Not to mention, if you top it by taking care of your food intake, it will help quicken the results.

There is a promotional offer for the Face Contouring with Accent Prime right now. Do call The Idealyst Clinic for more info:

The Idealyst Clinic at KL Trillion
Unit 3A-9, Fourth Floor,
KL Trillion
No 338, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 012-3062014

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