NADZSkinfinity Medispa Shah Alam : First Facial Experience of “Baby Skin Booster”

It had been months since my last facial treatment and I have to admit, I had been lacking on my face care for a while now. Top that off with traveling to places of different climates – cold or blazing hot sun, it does not help my skin one bit.

A good facial treatment is what I needed after noticing my skin looked a little dull and I have dual skin-tone from the lack of using sunblock under the sun. I was happy to get a good makeover from NADZSkinfinity Medispa in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam more than a week ago.

NADZSkinfinity Medispa Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

I don’t regularly go to Shah Alam since I live in Kajang but I had an appointment in Shah Alam that day and decided to drop by NADZSkinfinity Medispa for a facial treatment after. It was fairly easy to find the medispa, which has ample parking spot, even on a weekday. There’s also a Naan restaurant next to it, which would be a great spot for your partner to grab a bite while waiting.

Upon arriving at the medispa, I enjoyed looking at the luxurious waiting area. Nice comfy sofas, mirrored walls and black interiors made it seem more expensive looking.

But wait, are the prices as expensive as how the place looks? Let’s check it out!

Skin Diagnose and Facial Treatment of Choice

If it’s your first time for a facial treatment here, you would have to do a skin check first. This is when I met Dr. Nadzirah Abdullah, the founder of NADZskinfinity Medispa and is also a Medical Doctor of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

With Dr. Nadzirah
Truth time!

Dr. Nadzirah took one look at my freckled face and started advicing me on what I should do to care for my skin – even before checking the condition of my skin! Needless to say, under the lights of the machine, my face and skin looked like it is in need of a serious overhaul.

It seems that my skin is dull, dry and if I’m not careful, the pigmentation could spread bigger and make it look like age spots – which would in turn make me look older. I know I am more “matured” now but, age is just a number right? What’s important is to care for the skin.

So, after some deliberation, I was suggested to do the “Baby Skin Booster” which is a treatment with dermaroller and peptide serum. I agreed and the facial treatment went underway.

Baby Skin Booster at NADZSkinfinity Medispa


Before starting the facial treatment, my feet was soaked into warm water before being scrubbed with Apple & Salt Scrub. I had some rough skin near my heel from the trip at Belitung Island few weeks before and it was refreshing to get some proper foot scrub.

Then, it was facial time.

My face was first cleansed twice before numbing cream was spread across my whole face for the dermaroller treatment. The waiting time was a little longer than I expected which took about 30 minutes lying on the bed so that my skin could turn numb properly. I find it quite tiring lying flat that way.

After 30 minutes, my therapist started the treatment, rolling the dermaroller all over my face, making extra runs along my cheekbones, chin and nose. This I suppose was because they were the most affected area (pigmentation). My therapist also dripped some serum onto my skin as she rolls the instrument.

 * I was told that the dermarollers does not penetrate the skin until the skin bleeds and it is cleaned thoroughly before any treatment.

I remember there was another serum placed on my face before some moisturizer and sunblock to seal my face off and complete the facial treatment. In total, it took about 1hour 30 minutes for Baby Skin Booster treatment to complete.

Did I like the result to this facial?

YES! Although I couldn’t exactly feel my face immediately after the treatment (since the numbing cream was still working), it did however looked clearer and my freckles looked lighter. For the next 2-3 days, my skin turned a little reddish and then slightly darker but on the 4th day, it cleared up like the sky. To top it off, I did put on face masks at home (those face masks I finished off from the beauty counter in Jeju was finally put to good use) and maybe that helped quicken the process too.

Promotions and Other Treatments at NADZSkinfinity Medispa, Shah Alam

Currently, to celebrate the New Year 2019 and also the brand new opening of NADZSkinfinity Medispa, they are having a promotion for FOUR types of their TOP Facial Treatments at a discounted price until 15th February 2019:

  1. KOREAN SKIN GLASS – that will leave your skin fairer and smoother in just one treatment
  2. BABY SKIN BOOSTER – help improve your skin elasticity and condition
  3. PREMIUM SILKPEEL – removing dead skin cells or other dirt clogging up your skin
  4. CO2 LASER – help treat acne scars, tighten large pores, remove skin tag, milia seeds, oil seeds and moles

Other than the above, other facial treatments available at NADZSkinfinity includes:

  1. Purifying Facial: Clarity Facial/ Deep Cleansing/ Double Deep Cleansing/ Hydrating Facial/ Whitening Facial/ Anti Aging Facial/ Triple Cleansing.
  2. Advanced Treatment: Oxygen Booster/ Retinol Peel/ Milk Peel/ Whitening Peel/ Mendelic Peel/ Peptide/ PDRN/ Silk Peel/ Mela Peel.
  3. Korean Facials: Korean Whitening/ Korean Anti Aging/ Korean Sensitive/ Korean Pore Tightening/ Korean 24K Gold Ultra V Lift/ Sulam Korea/ Korean Instant Glow/ Korean Moisturizing/ Korean Ultimate Whitening 24K Gold Ultra V Lift Facial.

And then, there are also other treatments for the body which also includes:

  1. Slimming: Tummy/ Thigh/ Upper Arm/ Calf/ Whole Face/ Whole Back/ Upper Body/ Lower Body/ Whole Body
  2. Massage: Full Body Massage/ Back Massage/ Foot Massage

I learned for the first time that there’s also a Sunblock product that you can ingest, which helps lightens skin (whole body) and it is 300% more effective than the regular sunblock that you put on your skin. Have any of you tried these products before?

To ingest

For updates, promotions or offers given out by NADZSkinfinity Medispa, do visit NADZSkinfinity Medispa Instagram and NADZSkinfinity Medispa Facebook or visit them at:

NADZSkinfinity Medispa
42, Jalan Plumbum N7/N,
Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Phone: +6 012 691 0070
Operation Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 10.30am – 7.30pm; Saturday & Sunday: 9.30am – 7.30pm.

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