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PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma uses a concentration of patient’s own platelets to accelerate healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. In the beauty industry, it is also used to reduce the prominence of scars, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin and dark circles. After the procedure, it is supposed to make the skin tighter and more radiant.

I was interested, definitely.

I’ve always had dark circles (due to my bone structure) and some laugh lines are starting to show (no, a lady will never disclose her age) so I thought maybe a PRP therapy would help reduce those problems.

After going to Premier Clinic’s event a few months ago, I’ve decided to come back to Premier Clinic and try their outstanding services myself – and hoping to leave the clinic looking like a million bucks.

So after making an appointment, I just couldn’t wait for the treatment day!

Meeting Dr. Foo and Getting His Assessment

Premier Clinic Bangsar, Dr. Foo

On the day of my appointment, I met with Dr. Foo who was going to do the PRP Injection Therapy on me. Before that, however, he explained to me what PRP Injection Therapy is about, looking at my skin and suggesting where are the best places for me to get injected and what are the things I should and should not do after the treatment.

Dr. Foo was very attentive and answered all questions readily.

Now thing is, I’ve done PRP Facial before. However, that one was the “less invasive” type of treatment – the one Kim Kardashian made popular called “vampire facial”. Yes, that PRP Facial treatment also draws my blood, centrifuging it to separate the blood from the platelets and then injecting it all over my face through micro-needling.

Now according to Dr. Foo, this type of facial is only “on the surface”. Microneedling is great for some facial or skin problems but there are specific areas on the face that needs to be tackled on a deeper “depth” for the skin to show any difference. 

So apparently, the PRP Injection Therapy at Premier Clinic was not going to be like the one I’ve experienced before. Here, the procedure would be:

  1. Draw my blood
  2. Centrifuge it to separate the blood from the platelets
  3. Put numbing cream all over my face (it take 20 minutes for my skin to feel numb)
  4. Take the platelets into a syringe
  5. Inject the platelets under my skin to various places that need improvement (in my case, under my eyes and both my laugh lines.

When I first heard that it would mean inserting a needle under my skin, I was a little scared but I was assured it would not be painful because of the numbing cream. And so I decided, “let’s do this!”, and we were off!

PRP Injection Therapy at Premier Clinic

The treatment rooms at Premier Clinic are spacious and very “clinical”. Clinical meaning modern, brightly-lit and white. Don’t expect it to look like a Bali spa. What’s for sure is, you will feel comfortable.

Premier Clinic Bangsar PRP Injection Therapy

As I laid down on the reclining chair, my face was first washed and cleaned off of any makeup and dirt. Then, Dr. Foo’s assistant placed dollops of numbing cream all over my face. My blood was also drawn since centrifuging takes a few minutes as well. I was left for 15-20 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect.

Premier Clinic Bangsar PRP Injection Therapy
Premier Clinic Bangsar PRP Injection Therapy
My platelets (top) and blood (bottom) that has been separated after centrifuge and ready to be injected back into my face!

Then, the assistant came back in to clean off the numbing cream and I was off for the PRP Injection Therapy with Dr. Foo.

The PRP Injection Therapy procedure itself doesn’t take very long. I was given a vibrator to hold in case I need to get my mind off the discomfort or pain (of having needle under my skin). On another part of my face, Dr. Foo’s assistant will also be turning on another vibrator so that my mind will focus on the vibration instead of the “pain”.

Premier Clinic Bangsar PRP Injection Therapy

Turns out though, I didn’t feel pain at all. There was only slight discomfort, knowing that there’s something (the needle) moving under my skin somewhere near my eyes, my nose and mouth. The right side of my face didn’t feel pain at all and the left side of my face only feel a more significant discomfort compared to my right. I was told by this assistant that for right-handed people, it is normal to feel more discomfort or pain on the left face and vice versa. (Yeah, I learned something new about this).

Premier Clinic Bangsar PRP Injection Therapy

After Dr. Foo emptied out the platelets on both sides of my face. After that, my face was once again cleaned and went under yellow-light Phototherapy for 16 minutes. I was told that this was to quicken the process of recovery and quicken production of collagen. 

Premier Clinic Bangsar PRP Injection Therapy
Premier Clinic Bangsar PRP Injection Therapy

After the phototherapy session was up, moisturiser and sunblock were put on my face and I was done!

How did I look immediately after the treatment?

Premier Clinic Bangsar PRP Injection Therapy
A little puffed up (and numb) immediately after the session but it didn’t look too obvious

A little puffed up (but not too much) and there was a little redness at the hole made by the needle above my cheekbones but other than that, I can walk in the mall and nobody noticed I had just undergone a PRP Injection Therapy! (I literally went for lunch at MidValley Megamall right after).

Premier Clinic Bangsar PRP Injection Therapy
Thank you Dr. Foo for making me pretty!

Premier Clinic Bangsar and Other Outlets

Premier Clinic Bangsar is located at a very strategic location. It is walking distance from Bangsar Village I & II. Parking could be a bit of a hassle to look for especially during peak hours which is why it is more advisable to park at Bangsar Village and walk for less than 5 minutes to the clinic.

I love how spacious the rooms are. Even the client bathroom is spacious! There’s a VIP waiting room where you can have a sip of hot tea as you wait for your session.

What’s really appealing is the friendliness of the doctors and how they are willing to answer all of my questions in detail. I think this is one of the key factors of why I would return to Premier Clinic Bangsar again (or maybe it’s other outlets) soon.

Should you try the PRP Injection Therapy too? If you have the problems I mentioned at the top of my post, then yes, you should too. So hurry, book an appointment with Premier Clinic now!

Premier Clinic Bangsar Baru
No 8 & 10 Ground Floor Jalan Telawi 5, 59100, Wilayah Persekutuan

Premier Clinic Kuala Lumpur
A-0-8, Megan Avenue 1,, 189 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Premier Clinic Puchong
G-15, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 4, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Premier Clinic TTDI
31, Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Premier Clinic Mont Kiara
No. 10, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Wilayah Persekutuan, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Premier Clinic Cheras
No. 3A-G, Jalan Dataran Cheras 1 Dataran Perniagaan Cheras, 43200 Balakong, Selangor

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