Ways to Control Skin Issues, Including Laser Procedures

Skin issues can easily develop as you get older. Examples of such issues include sun spots and wrinkles. The consistency or thickness of your skin can also change with age. The skincare industry has come up with a variety of creative and effective ways to reverse or control many of those issues. Some of those skincare industry solutions come in the form of laser treatments. Others involve completely different skincare techniques, some of which you can do yourself at home. 

Maintaining the Current State of Your Skin with Lotions

Lotions and creams have long been used as at-home skincare treatments. They vary in terms of the ingredients they contain. Many of the best formulas contain all natural ingredients or are fortified with vitamins and antioxidants. However, even the best lotions and creams are not often effective at reversing skin damage quickly or thoroughly. They are more helpful when you use them consistently for a prolonged period as preventative tools.

Lighting Up Your Skin to Heal It

A more effective way to treat existing mild skin problems is to illuminate them. Specifically, the use of LED or IPL light therapies can help to strengthen skin by causing increased collagen production. Both types of light therapy use “cooler” light than laser machines. The light is also disbursed more, rather than being in the form of a light beam. Therefore, wider areas of your skin can be treated quickly. Some mild light therapy kits are available for home use, but clinical treatments are often more effective.

“Zapping” Your Skin with Lasers Designed for Skincare

When you think of laser treatments, you may think of magically zapping wrinkles, sun spots and other skin issues away. Lasers do not work that way, but there are laser treatments that can effectively help you control a variety of skin problems. For example, some experts have used aesthetic lasers for performing surface treatments like laser peels. They are known as ablative devices.

Non-ablative and Fraxel lasers are also available. Non-ablative lasers are primarily used to convince your body to produce more substances to protect your skin cells, especially collagen. Collagen helps to keep your skin cells pulled tightly together, preventing or reducing wrinkles in the process. Fraxel lasers perform similar functions but they create columns through each skin layer. Those columns of microscopic damage convince your body to heal itself. They also make it easier for medicated creams and lotions to penetrate skin layers.

Using Sound to Treat Mild Skin Problems

It may seem strange, but sound can have a positive impact on your skin cells in much the same way as non-ablative lasers can. By using particular sound frequencies, usually, radio frequency or ultrasound, the collagen holding your cells together can be coaxed into moving closer together, tightening your skin. More collagen may also be sent to your body in response to what it considers an invasion. However, sound wave treatments are usually best for mild wrinkle treatment or skin revitalization over time. They are not effective for reversing major skin damage.

Clinical Skin Treatments That Produce Quick or Immediate Results

If you have surface skin problems like facial wrinkles or clogged pores, you can get immediate or quick results from microdermabrasion. It is a method of removing materials from the surface of your skin, such as dead cells. The result is clearer, healthier looking skin. Chemical peels can also have similar quick effects. They perform the same job in a different manner. Their chemical mixtures can be tailored to the extent of your skin damage and your desired level of treatment.

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