Goodbye Ziggy Stardust, My Favourite Goblin King

David Bowie 1947-2016
David Bowie 1947-2016

It is a sombre news to read about the passing on of your favourite childhood superstar, David Bowie. Adding to the sadness is knowing that he has been struggling with liver cancer for the past 18 months before his death.

David Bowie will always be King Jareth and Ziggy Stardust to me. He may not be your conventional superstar-slash-rockstar, but this British man single-handedly changed the history of music and brought meaning to the word “self-branding”. He is the pioneer of a kaleidoscope of personalities. The likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga are just a copy of the great David Bowie (in my opinion, anyway).

With hits like Space Oddity, The Man Who Sold The World, Let’s Dance, Heroes, Starman, Where’s Are We Now?, Dancing In The Street, Ziggy Stardust and many more, who can deny that special place for this special icon?

It is not uncommon for David Bowie to own up to the crazy things he did when he was young – the heavy drugs, the booze, the women and his alternate lifestyle which he has openly admitted of being a bisexual. However, his marriage to model Iman lasted decades and they even have a daughter together. So maybe it is true that the woman is the one who drives the man to be better or not.

King Jareth
King Jareth

I’ve always loved David Bowie as King Jareth in the movie Labyrinth, alongside a very very young Jennifer Connelly. That movie, released in 1986, is and always has been one of my favourite childhood movies. Have you seen the movie before?

To my young mind back in those days, I thought that David Bowie was the best Goblin King in the history of goblin kings. Not forgetting to mention that his costumes and the songs that he wrote for the movie was fantastic. I had quite an obsession over Jennifer Connelly’s character back then and I think my fascination with masks sparked due to the movie as well. You’ll understand when you see the videos below. I think Jim Henson certainly chose the right man to portray King Jareth. David Bowie certainly started a cult with his character.



As a fan who have always loved David Bowie and his always-changing, always-crazy personas, I hope he will rest in peace now. Goodbye David Bowie, my Starman.

“And the stars look very different today.”

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