COLDPLAY A Head Full Of Dreams Tour in Bangkok

“OH MY GOD!” was pretty much my favourite phrase of the evening, from when I entered Rajamangala National Stadium until after midnight when it finally dawned on me that I have just witnessed the mega-band, COLDPLAY perform only a few feet away from my face for 2 straight hours!

Going to Bangkok for Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams Tour

When I heard Coldplay was going to tour Asia for the COLDPLAY: A Head Full Of Dreams Tour, I was excited. I hoped and prayed they would come to Malaysia but sadly, like many very popular singers and bands of the world, they decided to go to Singapore, skip Malaysia and then go to Thailand. Was I disappointed? Very. But at least I wouldn’t have to witness political supporters doing some “prayers” outside of the concert venue, praying for us concert-goers to be saved from Hell.

So, I did the next best thing: scout for concert tickets for performances in either Singapore or Thailand. Yes, I wouldn’t mind traveling to another country just for a concer or musical. Anyways, after much browsing, I decided to go to the concert in Thailand instead (Singapore’s currency is too much for me at the moment).

I was so lucky to have found a seller on Carousell who decided to sell her tickets because she couldn’t go to the concert at the last minute. The transaction was so smooth and I was so lucky she didn’t raise the ticket price and in fact, gave me a discount. I decided this was a good sign – and it was fate!

Even purchasing flight tickets to Bangkok and hotel room was easy. My friend and I decided we would stay at a hotel nearby (walking distance) to the stadium so that it would be easier for us to get back after the show. Yes, Bangkok is notorious for traffic jam after a concert.

Our flight was smooth, we arrived a day early at Bangkok so that we can pick up our physical tickets before concert the next day. We also planned to do a half-day tour around Bangkok because on concert day, we would just have a long rest before the concert night – to save our energy (for jumping and singing).

Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams Tour in Rajamangala National Stadium

Just as we predicted, the road towards Rajamangala National Stadium started piling up with cars from noon on the concert day. I was so grateful that my friend and I booked for a hotel only 1km away from the stadium. A short 15 minutes leisurely walk and we arrived at the Rajamangala National Stadium safe and sound.

There were however, hundreds (if not thousands) Coldplay fans ahead of us already which to my dismay, wiped out pretty much ALL the cool official Coldplay merchandises. I was so sad I didn’t get to buy the t-shirt I wanted in my size.

As we entered the A1 (standing) section, we were given the Love Buttons as well as Xylobands, which are LED wristbands that would change colour according to the music (once the concert starts). These wristbands are to be returned after concert though, so don’t get TOO excited!

I was immensely happy to see that the A1 (standing) section meant that we would be able to get quite close to the stage (if we want to) and would get to see Coldplay – and of course, Chris – closer than most people in the audience. The opening act was not bad, although I forgot what their name was. I just couldn’t wait for Coldplay to come out actually.

The A Head Full Of Dreams Tour opened with “O Mio Babbino Caro” at first and some people were glancing at each other confused but when the first strings to “A Head Full Of Dreams” started, everyone just started jumping and singing.

The playlist continued with “Yellow”, “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”, “The Scientist” and so many more. I don’t know about the rest of the 67,000 concert-goer on that night but what’s for sure, I enjoyed all the old songs as well as the new songs including “Hymn For The Weekend” and “Adventure Of A Lifetime” and “Something Just Like This”. If only The Chainsmokers were there too!

There were burst of technicolor, amazing pyrotechnics, bouncing balls, flickering LCD, request from a fan on Instagram and even dedication to late King Bumibhol through the song “Everglow” – which was just so poignant, in my opinion.

At some point during the concert, I turned around to look at the people behind me up until the seating zones at the back and was amazed to see the beautiful coloured LEDs from all of our Xylobands lighted up and following the beats of the music.

Oh wow, just thinking about it right now gave me goosebumps.

He was THIS close!!

Chris Martin was as he always were – a talented, energetic man who doesn’t seem to get tired or lose his beat during the whole show.

The concert ended with “A Sky Full Of Stars” and “Up & Up” which sent us all up into the sky and I was sure that we stayed up there for quite a while, not wanting to come back to earth, after such a great performance.

Thank You Coldplay and Bangkok!

After the concert ended, we walked back to our hotel with springs in each of our steps – even though we were thirsty as heck and so tired from all the traveling and lack of rest.

I think the Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Stars Tour in Bangkok would for sure be one of my best Highlights in 2017. Oh wow, what an experience! I am still playing the Coldplay A Head Full Of Stars concert playlist on my Spotify.

How about you? Would you travel to catch your favourite band?

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