Michael Bublé Live in Kuala Lumpur 2015

I have always loved Michael Bublé and his songs. There’s something in the note of his voice that is very calming to my eardrums. I enjoy listening to his songs for many hours on end.

Michael Buble Live In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Michael Buble Live In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The last time Michael Bublé came to Malaysia, it was 5 years ago so, when news came out that he was coming to Malaysia in 2015, my friends and I were ecstatic – until the ticket prices were revealed.

Yeah well, it’s the usual price range for ticket concerts (for international artists) but in this adult life (oh goodness, I feel so old), we have to be very careful with our expenses. The “ringgit” going down is not much help plus, those flight tickets to Australia ain’t cheap! (Yes, I’ll be flying to Australia soon, but, that’s another story.)

So, being the compers that we are, my friends and I tried many contests online to win tickets to the show – from Facebook contest to Instagram, to online slogan contests and many more. I was not very lucky this time but thankfully, Mani won a pair of tickets after taking a photo “Michael Bublé style” – whose suit and tie she nicked from her boss and won a pair of PS2 tickets.

I wasn’t in my best state on the concert day, having acquired the flu and cough the day before but I didn’t mind driving half-high (cough medicine does that to me sometimes) to the Putra Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. We walked to the stadium after parking near Mani’s house (I didn’t want to be stuck in jam after the concert) and arrived at the concert some time after 8.40pm.

As we entered the door at PS2, we were greeted with the melodious voices of seven men, singing acapella harmoniously. I don’t know if others would agree with me on this but black guys have really nice beautiful voices, especially the ones with deep timber notes in their voices. The group is called “Naturally 7“.

seat location
Yup, we were quite far from the stage

After a few songs where they got the audiences pumped up on their feet with smooth dance moves on the floor, it was time for the main man to come out on stage. The minute the light dimmed and the curtains opened for Michael Bublé, the crowd went wild. Me too, voiceless and all.

Have you ever been to a Michael Bublé concert? If you have, then you’ll know what a superb entertainer he is. Not just a man with an amazing voice, but if he ever stopped being a singer, he can definitely be a comedian, and it will still be a full house.

The backdrop when he sang "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?" is just amazing
The backdrop when he sang “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?” is just amazing

You can view the video below on how funny Michael Bublé is and then, close your eyes and listen to his silky voice. My apologies that the video is not of high quality though. I only recorded it with my smartphone.

I don’t think I can describe the feelings we all felt in that stadium that night. But let me just write out some fun points that I wil surely not forget from Michael Bublé’s concert in Malaysia last month.

  • When he ended all his sentences with “lah” and thanked Jimmy Choo for teaching him the “Malaysian slang”.
  • When he told everybody not to care what others think and enjoy ourselves because we will never see the “idiot” next to us ever again.
  • When he said he wants to take us out on a date through his songs, where the first part will be about “getting to know each other” and where the end will be about something “more”.
  • When he called a fan to him, hugged her and took a selfie with her just because he read her “Hug A Fan Tuesday” banner.
  • When he looked so serious talking about his grandparents’ wedding song and how it meant so much to him before suddenly belting out Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody, Backstreet’s Back!” to the audience.
  • When he came to the back end of the stadium to perform closer to us (at the back) for a few songs along with Naturally 7. Some fans in the VIP section were lucky enough to shake his hand and touch him.
  • When white and red heart cut-outs were blown all over the stadium during “All You Need Is Love” and everyone’s behaving like little children.
  • When he came back for an encore with his cheeky “Sway” way.
  • When he ended the show with no music, no microphone, singing to the last verse of “A Song For You” where his voice carried on to the back of the stadium and left everyone in awe.
Michael bowing to the fans
Michael bowing to the fans

I wish I could go to more of his concert but even though I couldn’t, I know this is one of those many concerts I’ve been to that I will never ever forget.

Love you, Michael Bublé!

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