Movie Review : Edmond (French with English Subtitles)

If you’ve never watched a French movie in your life, and you feel a tinge of apprehension to see Edmond on the silver screen, please don’t.

I have to say, I am a fan of the French language and many things French (as I have gushed about it here) but I didn’t watch enough French movie in my lifetime (I think!) that made me feel the way the movie Edmond made me feel.

Ahhaa.. Really, you ask? What is it about Edmond that is different for me?

This is why.

Edmond (French Movie) Premier at GSC MidValley Megamall

First and foremost, what do you think of the trailer? Tr├Ęs bien?

They speak pretty fast but there’s English subtitle so you won’t get “lost in translation”. If you’re one who have heard of Cyrano de Bergerac and that famous play, you would enjoy the movie Edmond because Edmond is about the the man who created Cyrano de Bergerac.

Edmond Rostand was a French poet and dramatist. He was very famous for his dramas in verse and although some of his dramas were flops due to the fact that they are played in verse, it was a surprise to both Edmond and his theatre casts when Cyrano de Bergerac became a very popular production. The play even lasted for 300 consecutive nights!

Since Le French Festival 2019 will begin in Kuala Lumpur starting tomorrow (and other 3 states in Malaysia), I would suggest you to take some time off your busy schedule and watch Edmond alone, or with a friend.


I find the movie moving in some instances – especially scenes of corespondence between Edmond and Jeanne and also when Edmond’s wife, Rosemonde found out about the correspondence. There were emotions in the movie, as well as pretty verses and scenery.

There are many more other instances but if I wrote it here, it would certainly be a spoiler for you out there since the movie is not out in Malaysian cinemas yet. Maybe I would share my detailed opinions on this movie after a few weeks in has been released in Malaysia.

French movies (and other international movies) will be played for a short time in GSC Cinemas. So make sure you aren’t left out!

Oh, mon coeur.

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