Top 8 Korean Drama Series to Watch on Netflix During Movement Control Order (MCO)

Update: Malaysia Movement Control Period has been extended from MCO 1: 18th March – 31st March; MCO 2: 1st April – 14th April; MCO 3: 15th April – 28th April 2020.

You’re stuck at home during this Movement Control Order period and apart from walking back and forth from your couch to your fridge and from your bed to your fridge again (the fridge is a very attractive equipment in your home right now), what else can you do?

Personally, I would rather lounge with a book in hand but if you’re not into that, the next best thing would be to binge-watch Korean dramas!

And where else if not on Netflix? (Yes, I love Netflix!)

1. Kingdom

Top 8 Korean Drama Series to Watch on Netflix

Have you watched the First Season of Kingdom yet?

Kingdom is an Original Netflix Series which first premiered in 2019. A Political Drama slash Horror Thriller, you wouldn’t expect a Korean zombie drama to be this good – that is, after the movie Train To Busan.

It doesn’t hurt that the main man in the movie is the tall and good-looking Ju Ji-Hoon as the sweet Crown Prince Yi Chang whose sole purpose was to help his people and protect them from the horrifying zombies.

And guess what? Netflix has released Season 2 only a few weeks ago. More reason to be glued in front of your TV or electronic gadget for this!

Rating: ★★★★

2. Vagabond

Top 8 Korean Drama Series to Watch on Netflix

What’s there not to like when it’s Lee Seung-Gi as the main man in this series? When they partner him with Suzy Bae, it’s total dynamite, of course!

This is not romantic drama. It has many fighting scenes, explosions and gunshots. These happen mostly everywhere and most of the time. But yeah, there’s also the occasional, sometimes cute, pent-up sexual tensions. The locations are gorgeous too!

Although I’m not usually a fan of Action dramas, I must say, the storyline to Vagabond – on how the layers were revealed one by one like an onion – got me glued to the TV screen until the end!

Rating: ★★★★★

3. Crash Landing On You

Top 8 Korean Drama Series to Watch on Netflix

The only reason to hate men in uniform? When they’re from the enemy’s country, that is! But if you could make them become protective of you and in the midst of the chaos you could take a chance and fall in love, now that would make a good drama, wouldn’t it?

For those who are on a rebound, I wouldn’t exactly recommend this drama to you but if you love Romance drama and believe in love, this is just for you! Love certainly knows no boundaries!

Rating: ★★★★

4. Hotel del Luna

Romance and ghosts, throw those two in a pot, stir in some ancient curses, gorgeous casts and memorable soundtrack, you would be able to put the romantics and ghouls together and enjoys this drama.

I’ve come to appreciate KDrama’s many layers in the plot because it just makes everything seem more interesting. With Hotel del Luna, one by one, things fall into place and you’ll be wanting more and more. Just expect to find many twists and turns – like the roads going up to Genting Highland.

Rating: ★★★★★

5. Memories of the Alhambra

Top 8 Korean Drama Series to Watch on Netflix

One word: Alhambra.

How can you not fall in love with this rustic and historical part of Granada, Spain? The place is already enough to make you plan your next travel date (after the MCO and COVID-19 are gone, of course!).

Only a little bit of romance can be found here and there in this series but that’s alright. What’s more interesting is how real the augmented reality game that the main man (Hyun Bin) was playing in town and how the game affected almost everyone else too.

It is no joke kids. If you’re not careful, one day in the near future, online games can be this real – and this terrifying!

Oh, and you’ll definitely fall in love (or even have nightmares) to the sounds of the guitar strings of Recuerdos de la Alhambra or better known as Memories of the Alhambra, because of this drama.

Rating: ★★★★

6. Prison Playbook

Top 8 Korean Drama Series to Watch on Netflix

If you’re expecting a rough, violent or insane drama, you would be disappointed. There are of course some intense moments in Prison Playbook but most of the time, it is lighthearted with some great comedy and heartwarming moments.

You will learn to love some of the characters in this drama (either the prisoners or the officers), even when you hated them in the beginning. Not every person in prison is bad but even the bad ones can repent and turn out to be good.

There are some great lessons we can pick up from this drama.

Rating: ★★★★

7. Itaewon Class

Top 8 Korean Drama Series to Watch on Netflix

This is a brand new series, out in 2020.

Right from the beginning, the characters are strong, the plot is stomach gripping, the storyline is amazing and your emotions will run wild. I appreciate that they characterise the main man’s father as someone who believed in his son fully – which is the fire to his drive to succeed. I’m just bored of dramas where the parent is always the antagonizer – people should support their kids!

There are many heartbreaking moments, I cried a few times, but there are also some moments where you could closely relate to the characters.

The lesson we can learn from this class is: determination will bring success, but don’t forget your roots.

Rating: ★★★★★

8. Mr. Sunshine

Top 8 Korean Drama Series to Watch on Netflix

If you don’t mind feeling forlorn for days after you complete this drama, then you most definitely must watch this series! You will fall in love with the cinematography, the direction of the drama, the sound, the visual effects and of course, how it brings out the emotions in you.

It is a historical drama, poetic and has all the patriotism instilled but what’s interesting is how the history unfolds as the two main characters fell in love.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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