Sofearose Launches “The Primadonna Series” With Erra Fazira

It was awesome when I got the invite to the launch of Sofearose’s latest hijab collection yesterday.

Located at The Ame Soeur, Bukit Jalil, the hijab collection called “The Primadonna Series” is a collaboration with Malaysia’s own superstar, Erra Fazira. The epitome of primadonna herself, it is no wonder why Erra Fazira chose to collaborate with Sofearose and produce beautiful shawls and scarves that are both bold and classy.

Collaboration Between Sofearose and Erra Fazira for “The Primadonna Series”

Erra Fazira, all gorgeous in her glittery black dress, entered the elegant The Ame Soeur restaurant performed for us a rendition of one of her popular songs, Hanya Di Mata.

After her performance, Erra Fazira told us how she first knew about Sofearose a couple years ago and eventually met with a representative of Sofearose because of their perseverance to collaborate with her. After learning that Sofearose has brought some of their hijab line to London and Madrid, Erra Fazira decided to work with Sofearose and paint the story of “Life Of A Primadonna” in the form of hijabs.


It took months for them to work on the project and finally, Sofearose and Erra Fazira came up with 12 different colours and designs in both Long Shawl and Square Scarf type.

Muhammad Zaki Yusof, the Managing Director of Sofearose informed us that The Primadonna Series would be a storytelling of the life, character and symbol of a Malaysian Primadonna – Erra Fazira.

“I believe that The Primadonna Series would be an inspiration to women out there who has also been waiting for something special from Erra Fazira, especially her fans,” said Muhammad Zaki Yusof.

The colours used for the collection are chosen by both Erra Fazira and the Art Director of Sofearose, Farrah Aina, to show the public Erra Fazira’s real character – brave, independent and successful in her own standard.

I was lucky enough to see all the 12 designs being revealed by the models at the event and fell in love at first sight with some of them.

Key points of Sofearose The Primadonna Series are:

  • Syariah compliant hijabs (as are all Sofearose hijabs), with wide shawls and scarves to cover the chest and back – but still beautifully designed to be worn by both young and old.
  • Premium Matte Satin material are used for luxurious look and feel.
  • Free signed postcards of Erra Fazira will be included in the purchased unique hard-covered box by Erra Fazira.
  • Affordable price for all walks of life so that you and I can also own a Primadonna without burning a hole in our pockets!

If you’ve never tried Sofearose before, let me tell you this: I have had a few Sofearose hijabs in my collection and have always loved the pastel and light colour hijabs. With The Primadonna Series however, some of the colours are bolder and definitely more attractive so, I would not mind to own more than one of the series. Also, the material has always been thick enough so that it is not see-through but also thin enough that it feels cool to wear even in Malaysia’s hot weather.

So if you’re interested in owning Sofearose’s and Erra Fazira’s The Primadonna Series, you can get them at their boutiques or online like below:

  • Sofearose Boutique Melawati Mall
  • Sofearose Shah Alam
  • Sofearose Bangi Sentral
  • Online:

The Primadonna Series is priced at RM129 per piece. For limited time only, early birds can also get a discount of 10% from the series. So hurry up, what are you waiting for? Own one of these beauties for this year’s Aidilfitri!

* Customers from overseas can also purchase through Sofearose website. Shipping time of arrival may vary. Contact Sofearose for more information or check out their Instagram and Facebook for more photos and information.