SOFEAROSE Collaborates With Yusof Ghani Brings “Modest Fashion” To London

Honest be told, I’ve only very recently started wearing the hijab. Because of that, it took me a little time to find the best designs, colors and style for me. I’ve always believed in “elegant” and “classy” fashion, even before I started wearing the hijab.

Color Choices By Sofearose

I’ve always loved colors but I always find myself gravitating back to either earth tones or pastels. I choose the earth tones when I want to look more mature and I choose the pastel colors when I feel cheery and more fun. So, when I come upon the brand Sofearose, I immediately fell in love with the designs and colors.

Sofearose prefers to showcase earth tones, inspired by the ground, trees and water. They would like to preserve the same elements that the artist Yusof Ghani preserve in each one of his arts. In each of his arts, he focuses on waves (sea), dance (movement) and face. Due to this collaboration, Sofearose and Yusof Ghani has managed to produce the “Art To Wear” designs.

Bringing Sofearose To London

I was quite surprised to find out that Sofearose is actually bringing their collection to London. Showcasing their collection in collaboration with Yusof Ghani, they want their “Modest Fashion” to be known not only by Malaysians but by the world. What a commendable idea – I wish I am brave enough to share my ideas and collections to the world!

And only recently, Sofearose and Yusof Ghani had a signing in Kuala Lumpur.

Their “Modest Fashion” collection are mostly inspired by the designer Hilal Oguzkan. With the motto “Exclusive Urban Fashion”, they believe that simple is sophisticated. Well, I think with the right match anybody can pull off a sophisticated and affordable look in it’s own simplicity. Which is why when I found out that Sofearose’s collection is about affordability, I became a fan of this brand.

The collection that Sofearose is taking to London has two-sides to each design. Like the Seribu Wajah (Thousand Faces) Collection, it is to show freedom and so the cutting is inspired by the bird wing. The art (by Yusof Ghani), on the other hand, would show the different facial expressions of people based on their mood and roles.

Materials, Designs, Variety

Bridal satin, chiffon and organza are some of the materials used on Sofearose’s collections to show richness in it’s details. It is said that bridal satin can bring out femininity and confidence on it’s wearer. Each collection has it’s own distinct detailing and finishing so that it is unique and beautiful.

Now, what I love more about Sofearose is that they not only sell shawls for those wearing the hijab, they also sell blouse, jubah, kurung and bottom. So if I need a proper set of clothing, I don’t need to go far to make my choice.

What about you?


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