Do Not Be Afraid to Invest – “Berani Melabur”

It was a Saturday – a day where many would wake up a little later than usual, a day to be at leisure or a day to spend time with family. It was, however, also the day where more than 1,700 people paid good money to learn on how to invest, trade and make money in Malaysia’s stock exchange – Bursa Malaysia.

The seminar “Berani Melabur” (literally translates as “Dare to Invest”) was held at SACC Shah Alam on 24th February 2018. Mainly chaired by Haji Asri Ahmad, the owner of Asri Ahmad Academy, the seminar starts at 8.30am and ends at 5.30pm (for normal ticket holders) and 10pm (for VIP ticket holders).

Are you ready?

Yes, I was also one of the 1,700 person who attended the seminar.

Asri Ahmad Academy and Bursa Malaysia

Haji Asri Ahmad is a 42 year-old successful man who have been a trader and investor for 20 years. He has made a lot from trading and investing, however, he did not sugar-coat the truth to us at the seminar that weekend.

“You will surely lose money but it is also compulsory for you to make money.” – Haji Asri Ahmad when talking about what you will experience as a newbie.

For someone who idolises Warren Buffet (among other successful money makers), Haji Asri reminded us many times that we should only invest if we have extra money to spare. This is so that we will not feel discouraged when we first lose money (due to inexperience) but will turn it into a lesson for our future trading and investments.

Haji Asri also showed us the shocking number of Bumiputra traders that takes up about less than 25% out of total traders in Malaysia. This is equivalent to only 240,000 people in a country that has about 30 million people.

Since AKPK (Agensi Kaunseling & Pengurusan Kredit) published an article that says the number of bankrupt youths in Malaysia are worrying, Haji Asri would like to help educate the youths and everyone else (especially the Bumiputras) on how to get a side income that could sustain their lifestyle and reduce debts (PTPTN and others) through Asri Ahmad Academy’s seminars and classes.

To date, Haji Asri and Asri Ahmad Academy has produced many Master Traders and Master Investors who have successfully made 5-figures to 6-figures profit from Bursa Malaysia.

Would you like to be one of them too? I definitely would.

“Berani Melabur” with Asri Ahmad Academy and Bursa Malaysia

On 24th February 2018, Haji Asri Ahmad’s first “Berani Melabur” seminar for 2018 at SACC Shah Alam was graced by the presence of a few VVIPs mainly, the CEO of Bursa Malaysia himself; Tuan Tajuddin Bin Atan and many others.

Tuan Tajuddin Bin Atan was gracious enough to share with us in the hall of his own experiences as a trader and investor for 17 years. He encouraged us to invest and trade, hoping that in the next few years, at least one person per household would have a registered CDS (Central Depository System) account.

Let’s register a new CDS account today

Note: CDS is an account that facilitates holdings of shares in electronic accounts, opened by shareholders and manages the process of transferring shares traded at the Stock Exchange.

Tuan Tajuddin launched the first “Berani Malabur” seminar that day and also officiated 4 new book releases by Haji Asri Ahmad on stock exchange and trading.

Watch some of the videos of the launch here and here.

Why learn to invest or trade?


Money. We all need money and we definitely could make do with some extra money from time to time.

If we are given the chance to make money legally according to the Syariah law (especially for you, my dear Muslims), why would we say no? With today’s high cost of living and increasing need of money, investment and trade should not be foreign terms in our dictionary.

Did you know that out of all the companies listed in Bursa Malaysia, 686 of them are Syariah compliant?

Syariah compliant stock means that a Syariah body reviews the company and the company’s stocks from time to time (every 3 months) to check that the business is Syariah compliant and Muslims would have no worry to trade or invest in their stocks.

Stock Investment (and trading) is a business, so if you folks are worried of the Halal and Haram of things, be rest assured that stock investment is Halal (based on some guidelines). However, if you are trading currencies (i.e. Forex), it is Haram for reasons such as this and this.

If you’re interested to know more about Asri Ahmad Academy’s trading and investing seminars and courses, please visit Asri Ahmad Academy Website and Asri Ahmad Academy Facebook.

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