Ayam Kampung Velodrome Will Keep You Coming Back For More

It was another regular off-day for my husband, so we planned to look for a new place to eat and try out some new flavours. Since we were going back to his parents’ place in Senawang, we thought of dropping by Nilai and check out this newly opened restaurant at Nilai’s Mesamall called Premium Outlet Ayam Kampung Velodrome.

We were so used to eating Japanese and Chinese food when we eat out so I told my husband that we needed to get back to our roots on that day, so back to some good and authentic Malay food, please!

Premium Outlet Ayam Kampung Velodrome


Established since 1980, when I first stepped into this restaurant, I wondered why it is called Ayam Kampung Velodrome? We are very much in a mall, no velodrome in sight so, why?

My question was answered by the owner and Business Development Manager of Ayam Kampung Velodrome himself, Mr. Khairil, that the initial Ayam Kampung food outlet opened in 1980 was in Cheras next to the Cheras Velodrome (which will now be demolished and redeveloped for commercial purposes). That was how the name Ayam Kampung Velodrome was born.

After many years of successes and return customers, Ayam Kampung Velodrome later opened it’s retaurant outlet in a mall in Cyberjaya, D’Pulze Shopping Centre and very recently opened another restaurant outlet in a mall, in Mesamall Nilai.

Delicious Food From Ayam Kampung Velodrome


After listening to the basic history of this restaurant, I was ready to try out some of the restaurant’s special and popular menu. I know my husband was also hungry, since we haven’t had anything for breakfast. So we wanted a filling lunch that could keep our tummies satisfied until the evening.

Set Ayam Kampung with Butter Chicken

If you’re at Ayam Kampung Velodrome, your meal would not be perfect without its signature – the ayam kampung now, would it? So, my husband and I both opted for the Ayam Kampung set which consists of white rice, sambal belacan (you can’t call it Malay food if there’s no sambal belacan now), curry, crackers and of course, the special ayam kampung. It also comes with a drink, a choice of ice tea or sirap.

Oh my gosh, I’m so hungry!

I opted for the fried ayam kampung and my husband had the butter-ayam kampung. One set is priced at RM13.90

Now, why did I say the ayam kampung was special?

We often hear that people say ayam kampung has tough chicken meat compared to the “urban” chickens. I find it different with the ayam kampung served at Ayam Kampung Velodrome. Once again I was furnished with the information that the restaurant used ayam kampung dara that are slaughtered at a young age to give that tender and juicy chicken taste. This is also why the size of the chicken is smaller.

Oh my goodness, that Butter-Ayam Kampung! I’m not sure if maybe it’s the use of ayam kampung or maybe it was the rich smell of butter and sweet milk, but I just couldn’t get enough of the butter chicken gravy and almost finished it – LOL (sorry for taking your portion, husband dear)! I wished there was more gravy in the dish but I think this is also to get customers to “want more” and come back another day for more of this set meal.

We didn’t stop at the set menu only. We had other menus to try and boy oh boy, each of them tastes amazing! And no, I am not lying!

I want more of this Daging Salai Masak Lemak!

Both my husband and I were taken aback by the rich flavour of the Daging Salai Masak Lemak or Smoked Beef in Coconut Curry. Masak Lemak or Coconut Curry is something my husband and I eat often and I didn’t expect much when we were served this dish but on our first try, we were so suprised! It was so flavourful that we couldn’t have enough of the curry. It certainly made us want to add on more rice (after we finished the first plate) – but alas, we must also try to control our appetite. The smoked beef was perfect (not too thin or too thick) that it absorbed the coconut curry and when chewed, just melts in the mouth.

Set Ayam Kampung with Daging Masak Hitam

Another side dish we ordered was the Daging Masak Hitam. I have always loved beef-based dishes in comparison to fish or chicken. The first point I will look at in a beef-based dish is how tender or soft the beef is in the dish. A good cook will know just the right amount of time or the right way to make the beef soft as it is being cooked. And, this dish nailed it. The gravy was a little spicy, just the way I like it.

Our last side dish was Ikan Pari Bakar or Grilled Stingray. Like I said above, I always prefered beef than fish or chicken but I must say, each meal prepared by Ayam Kampung Velodrome suited well with my Malay tastebuds. Even if you’re not a huge fan of stingray, the chilli paste used to grill the fish which was then plated on top of banana leaf, gave that sweet smell and also sweet-and-spicy taste.

Authentic Malay Food In A Mall

The owner of Ayam Kampung Velodrome believed that Malaysians will always look for Malaysian-taste food no matter where they go. However, if you look at the malls in Klang Valley today, it is easy to find food from other countries compared to our own authentic Malaysian taste.

Ayam Kampung Velodrome wants to change that perspective and concept. They want authentic Malay food to be easily found in malls just like it is easily found at independent stalls. At the same time, they would also try to keep the price to a minimum (I’m sure it’s not very easy doing so in a mall) so as to not burden their customers. I applaud this idea.

I see many customers flock the restaurant during lunchtime and was told it is also usually packed during dinner.

Premium Outlet Ayam Kampung Velodrome also accommodate for events like birthdays, group events, etc and they can house about 100 guests at one time. If you’re interested in this, do contact them at the information shared at the end of this article.


The prices for the set menu and dishes are very affordable. The food are also very filling and we were very satisfied after leaving the restaurant.

Ayam Kampung Velodrome in Mesamall Nilai is still relatively new, where they started operation almost 3 months ago. The other outlet in D’Pulze Shopping Centre Cyberjaya has already been in operation for more than 2 years. The food stall located near the now closed Cheras Velodrome is still in operation until today.

So, if you’re nearby any of these outlets, I encourage you to try their food and experience the authentic Malay dishes yourself. Try the ones I wrote above or be adventurous and try others – you will not be disappointed! The outlets are open from 10am-10pm.

Premium Outlet Ayam Kampung Velodrome (Mesamall)
G-17 Mesamall Shopping Centre
Persiaran Ilmu,
Bandar Baru Nilai,
71800 Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.
Phone: 011-1148 3621

Premium Outlet Ayam Kampung Velodrome (D’Pulze Shopping Centre)
EX-GW-01, Ground Floor
Dpulze Shopping Centre,
Persiaran Multimedia,
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor.
Phone: 010-300 3077

* Translations:

Ayam Kampung : Free-range Chicken
Sambal Belacan : Chilli Shrimp Paste
Ayam Kampung Dara : Free-range Pullet
Daging Masak Hitam : Dark & Sweet Beef

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