My Choice Of Ramadan Buffet In Selangor

Living in Kajang, I have to admit that I loathe driving or taking public transport to Kuala Lumpur. I love KL and her modern skyscrapers but I hate the traffic. Luckily though, the state of Selangor where I live in, have some of the best and nicest hotels, just like KL.

This Ramadan, I would be sure to take a day or two to break fast at these two hotels nearby my home. These hotels have always managed to bring the best menu of Ramadan buffet in Selangor. I always find their food irresistible, as I’m sure you would too.

“Live-On-The-Wok” Signature by Verandah Restaurant, Cyberview Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya

How can you resist a menu of stir-fried fresh tiger prawns and crabs that are cooked to your preference?

I am a fan of seafood (or any type of food, for that matter) and the way Chef Imran and his team prepares the food generously for visitors is one of the reason why I always come back to Verandah Restaurant.

My favourite was when I can choose my own fresh patin, tilapia or salmon and have it cooked in asam pedas or tempoyak. Asam Pedas is my favourite Malay dish but the other day, I tried Salmon cooked in Tempoyak and oh my goodness, it tastes so good! I wouldn’t imagine salmon to go along with tempoyak but it really did.

There are 23-stall concepts available for Ramadan Buffet at Verandah Restaurant which comprises of Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican and local favourites. Not to mention there are a variety of choices available at the BBQ stand including grill prawns, mussels, squid, jumbo sausage, chicken drummet, beef fillet and lamb cutlet.

I especially took 3 helpings of the Kambing Panggang Golek and Dim Sum.

There are a total of 222 menu items on offer, which is heaven for food lovers. After breaking fast, you can go for your prayers at the surau nearby and then continue your meal until they close at 10pm.

Oh, and you have got to try the “special menu” chef has in store for you this year. The Chicken Rendang Ice Cream! Surprised? Let the taste surprise you too!

Walk in price of Ramadan Buffet at Verandah Restaurant, Cyberview Resort & Spa is RM138 nett per adult on weekdays and RM100 nett on weekends (Saturday & Sunday). For further inquiries, call 03-8312 7091/ 7092

Cyberview Resort & Spa
Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya,
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

“Seindah Ramadan” by Carousel International Coffeehouse, Palace Of The Golden Horses

Have you been to Carousel International Coffehouse at Palace Of The Golden Horses?

Under the tutelage of Executive Chef, Willfred Lim, Carousel International Coffeehouse is introducing “Seindah Ramadan” as this year’s theme. It will focus on Middle Eastern Arabic cuisine with camel meat being the main attraction in five of it’s rotational menus.

I’ve only had camel meat twice in my whole life and had forgotten how it tastes like until I tried it again the other day. The Roasted Camel Meat with Condiments was not too soft but still just as tender and quite juicy (I must thank the chef who cooked it), it is now one of my favourite meat – other than the usual New York strip that I always order. Other camel menu includes Sup Unta Berempah, Rendang Daging Unta, and Nasi Kerabu Daging Unta Salai,

There are 16 action stalls available with a mixture of Middle Eastern Arabic cuisince and famous selection of Asian recipes. A total of 150 favourites will be created for you in the month of Ramadan.

The Ayam Dara Goreng Berkunyit is one of my other favourites along with Pit-roasted Whole Lamb.

Other food that can be found are Paru Goreng Berlada, Kerabu Lidah Lembu, Kerabu Udang Celon, Acar Betik Muda, Udang Goreng Berempah, Daging Bakar, Sir-fried Homemade Radish Cake, Homemade Chicken or Beef Murtabak, Lamb Varuval, Gulai Kawah, Laksa Johor, Penang Prawn Mee and so many more.

It was my first time ever trying the Rambutan Goreng and Lychee Goreng. I’m not so sure if I love it, or hate it since I’ve never tried them before. The more traditional Cempedak Goreng is available too though.

It wouldn’t be perfect if there are no desserts and you can get sweet and savoury desserts like Bread and Butter Pudding, Pengat Pisang Bersago, Serawa Durian, Chilled Longan, Lily Bulbs with Almond Beancurd and a variety of Raya cookies.

Buffet dinner is priced at RM178 nett per adult and RM89 nett for child and senior citizen. Patrons can also join the 9+1 Deal : One (1) guest dines for free with every nine (9) paying guests from 22 May until end of promotion. For inquiries and reservations, call 03-8946 4888 (ext 3781).

Palace Of The Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas, Mines Wellness City,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

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