Age Is Just A Number With Anlene MoveMax

Yesterday, I was at the launch of Anlene Movemax’s “Move As Young As You Feel Inside” and the new remake of popular hit “Sinaran” by Sheila Majid. The song remake was as an extension to Anlene’s new formulation. The launch was held at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

What Is Anlene Movemax?

I have always loved drinking powdered milk when I was young but as I grow older, drinking powdered milk has become somewhat of a hassle. I love fresh milk but I seldom buy them, only when I remember to get them when I go out for my grocery shopping. Because of this, I think I lack calcium in my body – being a woman doesn’t help much either because of the monthly flux – but with what I learned at the Anlene Movemax Launch yesterday, I vow to start drinking milk daily again. And it has to be Anlene, no doubt!

Checking my bone dnsity
Checking my bone dnsity

Fonterra and Anlene Movemax

Did you know that Anlene has been in Malaysia since 25 years ago?

Anlene has created milk for adult in Malaysia since 25 years ago before expanding to other countries across Asia. The brand, Fonterra Brands Malaysia brings only the best nutrition from their New Zealand farms. According to Fonterra Brands Malaysia, the dairy that they produce for us (consumers) are:

  1. pasture based
  2. free from genetically modified organisms
  3. come from happy cows that enjoy the best animal welfare standard in the world

Happy cows provide good and quality milk.

Anlene Movemax Launch

Anlene Movemax Launch

Anlene Movemax Launch

The new Anlene formulation with MoveMax contains a unique mixture of nutrients including the newly added:

  • Collagen
  • Added Calcium
  • Protein
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins B6, B12, C, D & E

Anlene Movemax can be found in leading supermarkets nationwide in the form of powdered milk, concentrated milk and yoghurt. Anlene Movemax Milk comes in plain and chocolate flavour while the Anlene Movemax Yoghurt is available in plain, mango, strawberry and mixed berries flavour.

I, personally enjoy the mixed berries and strawberry flavoured yoghurt. What can I say, I’m a berry girl.

Age Is Just A Number

Many people like to use the term, “age is just a number“, but what does it really mean? You may be young in numbers but if you’re unhealthy, if your bones are brittle, if you have calcium deficiency, then you would be as good as the 80-year old person next to you.

Anlene have learned that bone health alone is no longer sufficient to call yourself as healthy. In order to preserve the freedom to move at any age, overall movement is equally important. This includes walking, jogging, dancing, doing yoga, pilates, swimming, diving, jumping and so many more. You will only start growing old when you stop moving.

Overall movement means you move your bones, joints and muscles. So when you’re always on the move, and when you top that off with the right nutrition, then only your health will benefit long term. This works hand in hand, not just one sided.

Hence why, either you’re 20 years old or 60 years old, constant movement (of activity) and drinking Anlene Movemax (for your age) can help care more for your bones and health. Age may just be a number, but time is ticking. So start drinking Anlene Movemax now.

Anlene “Move As Young As You Feel Inside” Campaign

The Anlene “Move As Young As You Feel Inside” campaign brought Malaysia’s jazz-queen singer Sheila Majid as their ambassador.

Why did Fonterra Brands Malaysia choose Sheila Majid as their ambassador?

Mr Jose Miguel Porraz Lando
Mr Jose Miguel Porraz Lando

Anlene Movemax Launch

According to Fonterra Brands Malaysia’s Managing Director, Mr Jose Miguel Porraz Lando, “Sheila Majid is an inspiration with her active lifestyle and how she takes care of herself and family (children). Even though she is in her 50’s now, she still retains her youthfulness and stay young at heart and physically by keep moving and living her life to the fullest.”

Sheila Majid
Sheila Majid

Even Sheila conceded and said that even at her age, she is always being active and apart from singing, she loves doing activities like diving, pilates, exercising and running after her children. This requires a lot of energy and a lot of movement which is why she loves drinking Anlene Movemax to help replenish herself. She also love the Anlene Movemax yoghurt, something she usually take before a concert on an empty stomach (because food would make her vomit from all the anxiety before a show).

Sinaran Remix

Kayda (singing left) and Sheila Majid (singing right)
Kayda (singing left) and Sheila Majid (singing right)

Marking Sheila Majid’s 30 years in performance as well as Anlene Movemax, the Sinaran remix and relaunch was right on time and meaningful for Sheila. This is also because she gets to perform with her own daughter, Kayda, an upcoming artiste.

Did you know Kayda is a kindergarten Montessori teacher by day and a rapper by night?

Seeing the mother-daughter duo perform at the launch yesterday was a superb experience and hope the song will inspire and influence others to always keep fit.

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