250ft Lou Sang Ceremony @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya | Part 1

It had taken a few hours to render some of my videos so I think the Part 1 of this blog post will have three of my fabulous videos first.

These videos were taken on 2nd February at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya during the Chinese New Year Celebration and their historical 250 feet long Lou Sang Ceremony. The celebration started around 6.30pm at Palm Spring Ring Road with drums performances, speeches, followed by Dragon performances, Lou Sang and the Lion Dance.

I will include the details on those in my Part 2 post (accompanied with photos).

For now, enjoy the videos I took of the celebration and the performances on that day. Wish this dragon year will be an auspicious year for us all!



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10 Responses

  1. Merryn says:

    I read about it. The long lou sang and all. Good videos you got there :)

  2. Isaac Tan says:

    yay! your videos are up! :) nice , and 250ft?? wowww
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  3. Monica says:

    wow so happening la the CNY celebration at jaya one!! thanks for the sharing the videos sweetie..can't wait to see the pics too!^_^
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    • BellaEnveeus says:

      Hi sweetie.. Yeah it was indeed a happening celebration.. I bet everybody enjoyed it.. Haha a little slow editing the photos right now.. Just too many things going on at the moment.. :p

  4. Raz Devi says:

    nice videos doll….. i especially like the lion dance video tho i'm not much of a lion dance fan…. good job! ;)
    i can't help but noticing the girl who tossed the lou sang outta the plate…. messy woman…. o.0

  5. keblon19 says:

    Wow those video was really cool I love it..
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