Firefly & SimFlightKL at Subang Skypark

I want to fly away.

That’s pretty much how I feel nowadays due to my work. I need a holiday, pronto! So, if I get a chance to fly myself to somewhere, why not, right? :-)


Firefly. No, not the bugs. This one is the airline.

firefly plane


firefly plane 2

FlyFirefly Sdn Bhd or operating simply as Firefly is the first community airline in Malaysia. With bright orange as it’s theme colour, you just cannot miss out the beautiful stewardesses or the aircraft itself. I’ve never flown with Firefly before but what I know is that Firefly has 13 planes (Boeing 737-400, 737-800 and ATR 72-500) and flies to some destinations within and outside Malaysia. They have to hubs located at Subang and Penang.

international departure

Malaysia flights :               Regional Flights :
  1. Penang
  2. Langkawi
  3. Kota Bharu
  4. Kuala Terengganu
  5. Kerteh
  6. Johor Bahru
  7. Alor Setar
  8. Kuantan
  9. Ipoh
  10. Langkawi
  1. Singapore
  2. Koh Samui
  3. Phuket
  4. Pekan Baru
  5. Medan
  6. Batam
  7. Banda Aceh

What’s different about Firefly planes in comparison to your usual planes is that the plane uses propellers. The thought is kinda scary to me, but I wouldn’t mind flying in this baby some day.

Mr. Rushdi, the airport Manager informed us that it is also possible to charter a Firefly airplane if you need one, like say, if you’re getting married and you need to fly your family members from somewhere. A chartered plane can cost from a minimum of RM30,000 above, depending on the destination and other charges. So, maybe if you want to fly somewhere with your family members and would like to charter your own plane, you can contact Firefly.

firefly control roomweather forecast chart

On our #TSDayOut, we were brought to tour the airport and also made it to the Firefly control room. It is important to always have someone at the control room, especially when flights are landing and taking off. Knowing the weather forecast beforehand is also helpful.


SimFlightKL Price and offer

Now, have you guys heard of SimFlightKL? It’s a really fun way to get to learn some basic knowledge of flying and trying your own skills and bravery on the Sim Flight. In a way it’s just like playing some video game.

business classcontrol buttonscontrol panelsheight+radar

The SimFlightKL is very spacious and great for both adults and children alike. When I first entered the place, I just can’t help but love the feel of sinking my feet in the awesome carpet. After some photo sessions, it was time to try out the Sim Flight. I headed for the Boeing 737NG because I am still a rookie and felt that flying an Airbus A320 (even though it’s not a real plane) with all those buttons will send my head spinning. Truly grateful for the thorough explanation from the instructor though. She told me that when she first tried, she was so scared to land that she screamed and just let go of the control yoke. Well, glad that I didn’t do that.


So, are you ready to take off?

pilots of the day

We certainly had lots of fun!

At first glance it seemed really easy to do it but you have to be careful though. Sometimes if you pull the control yoke too much and don’t check the height you’re at you’ll go soaring up real fast and risk exploding your ears. You also don’t need to turn the controller right or left too much if you would like to go right or left. Small movements is good once you have maintained the right level.

airbus a320 cockpit

Wow, we’re flying!!

hong kong airport

OMG it’s the Kai Tak Airport!

After my session of trying the Boeing 737NG, I went to the cockpit of the Airbus A320 and boy, that one looks more real! The best part about the Airbus A320 simulator is that, when the airplane is at a certain degree, you can feel the movement. Dan Arif was flying us and we were heading to Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport at the time. It is said that Kai Tak Airport is one of the toughest airports in the world because of the short runway which ended with a drop into the ocean. Some pilots wouldn’t dare to land there. Captain Wafi told us there are some scary and sometimes ridiculous runways in the world like Lukla Airport, Nepal which is the steepest uphill runways in the world, among others.

waiting flight take off

One satisfied passenger


And one uncertified steward

souvenirs 1

Souvenirs that you can get at SimFlightKL centre

souvenirs 2



Pin as souvenir

What do you guys think? Isn’t this fun?

Fly with Firefly today! Want to try out the SimFlightKL yourself? Call 03-78474287  or 012-3226076. Or check out the website and Facebook for more information!

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14 Responses

  1. foongpc says:

    I flew with Firefly before and it's a small plane so I got a bit dizzy when the plane ran into clouds LOL! But I like the airport in Subang! No crowds and checking in is a breeze!
    My recent post My Breakfasts At Bangkok Loft Inn

  2. foongpc says:

    Oh that SimFlightKL sounds fun! Wow! Didn't know Kai Tak airport has a very short runway! But this airport still exists or replaced with the new airport? If still the same, I scared to go Hong Kong now!! Hahaha!!
    My recent post My Breakfasts At Bangkok Loft Inn

    • BellaEnveeus says:

      Yeah it is Super Fun! You should try! Not so expensive pun.. A cool way to spend time with the family during holidays too. Nope, the Kai Tak Airport is no longer open to public anymore, nasib baik. But the Nepal one still being used. Maybe one day you can go to Nepal just to experience the airport runway. Haha..
      My recent post Firefly & SimFlightKL at Subang Skypark

  3. sharinginfoz says:

    Memang seronok gak naik fireflyz ni. Hari tu pi langkawi. Lain kali blh pi lagi. Tapi tak sure nak pi mana pula. Jom terbang

  4. Mariuca says:

    Hey sweetie! Yay no more mosaic pics here, show thy pretty self! <3
    My recent post Leaving for Monaco *

  5. Mariuca says:

    I flew on FF once…cant rem where.. Sg was it? Anyway best sebab dapat kacang hahahahhaha! And no need to fly fr KLIA.. KLIA kalau destinasi jauh2 je best! :*
    My recent post Flying First Class

    • BellaEnveeus says:

      Hahahaha.. Kan? Easier because it's closer to city center. If go KLIA too far and tol cost some more. Yup, KLIA only for flights to far2 places. Maybe after this I go SG I should take Firefly also lah. Asyik2 go SG nowadays nak patah pinggang if driving
      My recent post Holy Krab-i!

  6. Monica says:

    i also have never flown with Firefly before but wow this is so cool…glad u had a fun time sweetie!B)
    My recent post Tasty Chapathi @ Viva Residency, Jalan Ipoh

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