Instagram Ideas for your florist business

Instagram is one of the biggest social media applications in the modern times today. And even if you are not a fan of social media, it is almost impossible you have not heard of it. Any business, even a florist business can be highly benefited from this application. Since it is free like Facebook and easier and simpler to use, most people would prefer it. Not only is it simple but it also expresses a lot about you in your posts and your creativity. What better way to show off your flower arrangement skills than Instagram? 

As a Flower Singapore you deal with creating unique sets of flowers, so why not take an easy snap of your creations and post it online? It not only increases your chances of getting noticed but it also serves as a place where you can drop or keep your creations like memories. If you are making a simple hand bouquet for example as all florist business know how important these are, take a picture of it and post it online and advertise your shop for free. 

An online florist can even start their florist business on Instagram as it is free, simple and is made for creativity and memories. Some of you may think that you will not have the time to take snaps and manage an Instagram account, but it is simple and easy and with the right time managing, you will surely get into a fixed habit of updating it regularly enough for your followers. You can take snaps of anything, from the garden to the packaging process, people would love to look at how creativity is made.

A florist in Singapore often have websites as their own type of Instagram but for some people who are starting up and or do not have the budget for a website, can create a simple blog type Instagram account for free, which is already a good deal for any florist business. You can even snap your florist delivery before it gets sent off to deliver. Get creative, there is no limit to what you can do with a simple and free application like Instagram that can surely help your florist business grow and reach its full potential. Download the application now and try it out, and find a theme that would suit your store and what you want the world to think of it when they see it. 

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