One Man Star Wars Trilogy KL : The Force Is Strong With This One

A few days ago, I wrote about looking forward to the first ever show by Charles Ross (Charlie); One Man Star Wars Trilogy. For a fan of both Star Wars and comedy, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to catch the show myself.

I wasn’t disappointed. And here are my thoughts on last night’s show at HGH Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur.

One Man Star Wars Trilogy

I knew beforehand that One Man Star Wars Trilogy was a comedy parody. I didn’t put my hopes too high though, considering it is a one-man show. Sometimes things can get a little out of hand when you’re the only person onstage.

Even though it had been years since I last watched all three original trilogy of Star Wars at once, Charles Ross’ adaptation certainly brought back memories.

Out of all three of the original trilogy of Star Wars, I have to say “A New Hope” was the one that impacted me most. The scene where Luke was looking at the two moons was unforgettable to my young mind. And that was one of the scenes Charlie did in his one-man show. With the background music and everything.

“The Empire Strikes Back” is probably my least favourite out of the three. And just like what Charlie said, “too cold and snowy to have a good ride” and “you do not kiss your sister like that!”

The best for me would definitely be Charlie’s parody of “Return Of The Jedi”. The way he walked like the Emperor and choke people like Darth Vader is uncanny to the original characters. My favourite scene would be when Han Solo asked Leia is she loved Luke and that he would give way to them both. So when Charlie did that scene, I couldn’t help burst out laughing. And yes, once again he said, “you do not kiss your sister like that!”

Even though I came to the show that evening not expecting much, I did leave breathless and happy. Charles Ross did a great job as a One Man Star Wars Trilogy performer.

He also spoke of his other show which is the One Man Lord Of The Rings. That show lasts about 75 minutes. I sure hoped he would be back in Malaysia to bring us the One Man Lord Of The Rings show, some day.

If you have not seen Charles Ross in his One Man Star Wars Trilogy performance, it is sad. You have got to check this parody out for yourself.

One Man Star Wars Trilogy by Charles Ross will be in Penang tonight. He will be performing at The Wembley’s Grand Ballroom @ St. Giles in Penang. Tickets are very affordable, priced from RM80 onwards with multiple categories available. Don’t miss out on this show. Go to and purchase your tickets now. It would be a great way to spend your weekend!

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