How QWORK Can Help SMEs And Potential Employees

Last week, I attended a Business Networking event by Qwork – a new online recruitment platform that is here to help assist SMEs and potential employees through their online platform. In Malaysia, we are used to hearing the names of Jobstreet or LinkedIn. But have you heard of Qwork before?

What is QWORK?

Qwork entered the market in June 2016 as a soft-landing platform to help SMEs and businesses find workers on a part-time or flexi-mode basis. As a business owner myself, I know that finding a right and reliable worker is not easy. Qwork is just here to provide those who are looking for jobs and connect them with businesses that require the skills the potential employees have.

How can Qwork help businesses?

With Qwork, businesses don’t need to offer the “3 months probation” period anymore. If you need to check out your new employee, a shorter job term can help you assess his or her capability and reliability of the worker just as much as a “3 months probation” period. You will not have anymore hassle in your Human Resources Department, no need to waste money on a 50-50 go-or-no-go employee and no need to give yourself a headache putting up adverts looking for short term employees.

You can just browse the Qwork website and read on the skills of your potential employees or check out their Qwork Vidzume before deciding on who you would like to use for your short-term job. This only comes at a small fee! The fee varies for different rank of employees – Newbie, Renown and Ace.

Afterwards, if you’re satisfied with your new employee and would like to offer him or her a permanent job, you only need to pay Qwork the fee of one-month salary (that you offer to your new permanent employee) as the turnover. This is so much cheaper than headhunting companies.

All you have to do to be in the Qwork network is by:

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Register a free account
  3. Post a job where you can select skill and skill level
  4. View profile of matched qworkrs
  5. Confirm hire and pay with qoins
  6. Review the qworkr and earn points

Qoins is a currency that businesses purchase before they select an employee. There are a few packages available for businesses to purchase. Visit website for more details.

How can Qwork help employees (Qworkrs)?

If you’re someone in the Gen-Y range of age; those born between the year 1980 – 1999, and you’re looking for jobs, this is the platform for you. Listing your skills and knowledge at a no fee, everybody who registers as a Qworkr will start from the bottom, as a Newbie before moving on as Renown and the top of the class; Ace.

It doesn’t matter what work you have done in the real world but once you start with Qwork, everybody will start as a Newbie. This rank however will change as you do more work (part-time or flexi) and as you get good feedbacks from your employers. The more work you do, the better feedback you receive, the quicker you will climb the Qworker level and you will get paid higher.

It doesn’t matter what skills you have, from Hustler, Hipster, Hacker or Hospitelier, there is a job for you. If you’re a hard worker, you will succeed!

  • Hustler: The smooth-talking, go -getter who knows their way around business and people (i.e. Business Management, Event Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resource)
  • Hipster: The super creative bunch who can couple design with digital skills (i.e. Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Videographer, Animation, Photographer, Music Composer)
  • Hacker: The smart and cool group who always have a clever solution to a programming problem (i.e. IT Support. Programming, Web Design, Database, Automating Task, Mobile Development)
  • Hospitelier: The accommodating bunch, who are ready to work with smiles (i.e. Front Desk, Back Of House, Waiting Staff, Banquet Clerical, Housekeeping, General Kitchen)

Who can become a Qworkr?

I can become a Qworkr, and so can you!

My current working hours are flexible so I can join too. Qworkrs who are eligible includes:

  • Students
  • Fresh Grads
  • Seasonal and Flexi Workers

All you have to do to become a Qworkr is:

  1. Visit the website or Download the Qwork app
  2. Sign up for a free account
  3. Choose your skill category
  4. View jobs that matches your skill profile
  5. Apply for jobs that interest you
  6. Employers will review your application and confirm hire
  7. Get the job done, get paid and build your skill reviews

If you’re interested in being a Qworkr but have no skills whatsoever, fret not. Qwork has a youth centre that tackles the development of youth. The “Get-Skilled-Get-Employed” program will help those without experience or skills so that they will be employed in the future. Qwork is working with organizations such as MDeC to help build the skills of their Qworkrs.

Don’t miss out on this chance! Visit their website and register now – just like what I did 30 minutes ago!

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    Memang bagus platform Qwork ni…Dila dah juga share dengan kawan2 yang masih mencari kerja… hihihi… thank you for sharing Bella Enveeus


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