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The Singapore Film Festival was launched for the first time in Kuala Lumpur on 14th January at Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Comprising 10 films, including popular narrative-fiction, award-winning art-house films and documentaries, the night was graced by many VIPs including High Commissioner of the Republic of Singapore, Mr Vanu Gopala Menon and Singapore’s Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Ms Grace Fu.

The 4-day festival will showcase films such as 7 Letters, 03-Flats, Sayang Disayang, 12 Storeys, Ilo Ilo, Banting, Bring Back the Dead, Ms J Contemplates Her Choice, Faeryville and Innocents.

Directors of 7 Letters
Directors of 7 Letters

7 Letters, which was previewed for us on 14th of January 2016, is a critically acclaimed omnibus film featuring seven short films by seven different directors. According to one of the director at the Gala Night, Mr. Royston Tan, “7 Letters is a ‘love letter’ by us directors that we present to Singapore, in commemoration with Singapore’s 50th year of independence. Neither of us know how each others’ films is done, so tonight is the first time I watch this film as you guys.”

And, my verdict?

Out of all the 7 movies showcased in the almost 2-hour long film, I was so touched with the last one that I actually cried. I guess it’s true when people say you save the best for last and the last short film by Kelvin Tong titled “Grandma Positioning System (GPS)”, hit a switch in me that tears started flowing down my cheeks. Although, I have to say, I did manage to cover up a bit by reducing the snuffles.

Other short film in 7 Letters included, “Cinema” by Eric Khoo, “That Girl” by Jack Neo, “The Flame” by K Rajagopal, “Bunga Sayang” by Royston Tan, “Pineapple Town” by Tan Pin Pin and “Parting” by Boo Junfeng. Each movie holds a significant point and nostalgic reference to Singapore and throughout the 50 years of her independence. Since I am part Singaporean, I do understand the message that was showcased by the directors. However, you don’t need to be Singaporean to get the message – unity through diversity.

The cultural fest above is the third and final festival brought by Titian Budaya 2015.

Titian Budaya 2015 is to commemorate the 50 years of friendship between Malaysia and Singapore and to bring together both country through music, dance, arts and film and celebrate each other’s shared culture and heritage.

Titian Budaya first kicked off with Next Door @ Publika with a fun-filled weekend of activity and “artivity”. In December 2015, Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS celebrated a shared musical traditions and influences through Titian Budaya Night : Crossing Cultures. The closing of Titian Budaya with the Singapore Film Festival is sure to leave fans and followers from Singapore and Malaysia educated with our shared cultures as well as have a lot of memory of the events.

The Singapore Film Festival brought by Titian Budaya 2015 will be showcased until Sunday, 17th January. Tickets for the shows can be purchased through and they will be available at GSC Pavilion KL and GSC 1 Utama only.

Do purchase your tickets early to avoid disappointments!

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