Scream 4 – Movie Review

Can you believe that the first installment of Scream was 15 years ago? Yup, Scream (part I) was released in 1996. Wow, I was still in high school back then. Look how far we’ve come. Anyways, I was at the cinema yesterday with a bunch of Nuffnangers catching the Premiere Screening of Scream 4, which is due in Malaysian cinemas on April 15th.

To me, sequels are never as exciting or as surprising as the first movie. There’s always something that takes the “awesomeness” away. Be it the character or the plot or the location or the camera angle, there’s always that lack of something, in the exception of a few very good movies with sequels such as Lord Of The Rings or Star Wars. Movies with sequels like Die Hard, Harry Potter and even Pirates Of The Caribbean seemed to have something wrong or not enough or too much in the installments. I wonder why…

It is obvious that I wasn’t into this movie. Even though the gang – Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) – are back, the reason for the horror to return to Woodsboro was so calculated. I knew from the 1/3 of the movie that the perpetrator has got to be Sidney’s family member. And since the last two Scream installments were completely plotless, I was immediately turned off from the beginning of this movie because it reminded me more of Scary Movie instead. I mean, Scream and it’s sequels are supposed to be a serious movie, so why are they looking so much like it’s parody?
The only positive thing I can say is that Courtney Cox don’t look a day above 40. Other than that, I am not impressed. Oh, and there are times when the dialogues are exactly what they are – dialogues. If a maniac starts slashing a bunch of people in a small town, are the cops going to just make stupid jokes with each other in the middle of the night and risk being killed? And at times when you know there’s a psycho stabbing people to death, will you walk in a quiet car park all by yourself as if you’re invincible? Oh gosh, I feel like slapping all those dead victims, shake them and scream, “why are you such a moron and let yourself be killed so easily?” Really, do people react this way to murderers?
Yeah, I’ve watched too much Criminal Minds to buy this movie’s stupid dialogues and plots.
I suppose I can check the “startled” box though. There are some parts that made us jerk in our seats thanks to the sudden loud sound and element of surprise. But I guess that wasn’t enough for me.  After the awesome Scream (part I), I wanted more than this from the creator of The Hills Have Eyes and Nightmare On Elm Street. I’m sorry Wes Craven, this one is BAD.
For what it’s worth, if you’re a fan of Scream, you can just go to the cinema and celebrate the 15th year of this movie franchise. To the Malaysian movie-goers, be prepared for some serious editing and censorship. For now, I’d let you enjoy some still photos instead.
Movie Rating : 4/10

Bella Enveeus

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  1. LadyJava says:

    hmm.. that bad ah?? i so not into sequel tooo..especially if it's a horror movie.. like you .. from Exorcist to Friday the 13th.. they all suck at the sequel kan?

    and WHAT? censorship.. what's there to censor? hmm..

    Thanks for the review dearie.. now i know what to avoid.. hahah

  2. LadyJava says:

    eh.. what happened to my comment?
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  3. LadyJava says:

    thanks for the review dearie!

  4. emila yusof says:

    wah tak best ya? i want to watch criminal minds but still no time.

  5. Bill says:

    I have seen all the other scream movies and have heard this is suppose to be the best one but you never Know for sure till you watch it.
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  6. Salam Bella.

    AAaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrghhhhh! Okay dah scream.

    Sekarang baru nak komen. Hehe. Gila meroyan sekejap sebab sabtu dan ahad ni kena kerja. Haha. Rizal sebenarnya tak tengok pun scream versi satu. Tapi betul la, yang rizal ingat scream tu dengan Scary Movie kot.

    Peminat cerita seram tapi susah betul nak dapat cerita seram sekarang ni. Btw, tengok trick or treat? Okay gak.

    Scream ni dengan Final Destination mana best? senang rizal nak dapat agak macam mana. hehe

  7. BellaEnveeus says:

    Glad you liked the review sweetie! You're the FC of this post! ;) ;) ;)
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  8. BellaEnveeus says:

    Ya this movie pada pandangan Bella adalah tak best langsung! :|

    Kak Ems must watch Criminal Minds, best lah the cast n characters. But the psychos and murders tu tak best lah, teruk2 kebanyakannya.. Still, kalau dah start satu dua episode, mesti nak lagi! Hehhee.. :D
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  9. BellaEnveeus says:

    Hi Bill! :) Hehe sorry, I did tell you it was gonna be up soon :p Just delayed about 20 mins :D :D
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  10. BellaEnveeus says:

    Really? They say this is supposed to be the best one? Wow! Then that must suck to have my review saying it's awful.. LOL! (Sorry Wes Craven!) But yeah, you gotta watch it to know for yourself.. Our tastes may be different right? ;)
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  11. BellaEnveeus says:

    Hahahahaha!! Ada2 je Rizal ni..

    Takpe2, Bella benarkan Rizal meroyan kat sini.. Bella paham, kerja Sabtu dan Ahad adalah sangat stressful.. Hihihi..

    Oh, tak tengok ke Scream? LOL! Bella tengok masa first time keluar, time tu baru masuk sekolah menengah la kot. Hahaha.. Salah satu benda Bella igt masa tengok Scream 1 dulu ialah kenapa si heroine tu konon2 cam kena pressure nak "lose virginity" dgn bf dia.. Pastu sanggup lak bf dia nak bunuh dia pas dah "dapat" apa dia nak.. Hahahaha!! Well, that's how I viewed the first movie la although bukan lah camtu exactly jalan ceritanya :p

    Pada Bella, Final Destination lagi best. One of the reason why I prefer FD is coz they don't pick up where they left off from the last sequel. So, jalan cerita yg fresh membuatkan ia lebih menarik.. ;)

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  12. Suriani says:

    ho ho.. memang teruk ke? saya pun tak suka sequels ni sbb selalunya merosakkan movie je.. kalau org yg dah suka part 1 pastu tetiba sequel suck rasa cam merosakkan part 1 tu.. mmg taknak tengok dah movie tu lagi! lgpun saya tak suka la citer bunuh kejam-kejam ni.. ngeri!

  13. BellaEnveeus says:

    Ya betul apa yang u cakap.. Kalau Part 1 tu awesome kababoom pastu yang sequel dia takat suam2 kuku je, mmg merosakkan movie yang lepas tu.. Lain lah kalau sequel lagi super awesome, itu I tak complain la.. Biasalah, slasher movie, mungkin sebab tu dia takde jalan cerita yang menarik sangat. Cuma cara bunuh tu je yang menarik.. :D
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