Linkin Park “Living Things” Live in Malaysia 2013

Introducing, my favourite band since I was a teenanger :

From left : Phoenix, Brad Delson, Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn

Linkin Park “Living Things” Live in Malaysia 2013. It was held at the National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on August 19th 2013 at 9pm.

So yeah, Linkin Park was in Kuala Lumpur and I get to scream my lungs out for my favourite man from the band too – Chester Bennington. I loved him since I was in high school, back when their first album Hybrid Theory came out and he blew me away with his voice. Chazzy Chaz was written all over my high school notebooks back then. Ahh, memories of my teenage dreams.

When I first found out that they were coming to Malaysia, I was ecstatic to the point of nearly jumping out of my skin. The last time I saw the band performing was 10 years ago when they came to Malaysia and that felt like another lifetime. Chester has always been my favourite in the band because of his voice and at one point, because of his life history. I was sort of a rebel in my teens and I can relate to some of their music back then. “Crawling”, “Numb”, “In The End”, “Papercut” and many other songs from their first two albums sort of spoke to me in many ways. I appreciate the beat to their music which are not too harsh to the ears and I also appreciate their lyrics that has deeper meanings and translates to me in those years.

But, on the same day that I found out they were coming here, I saw their ticket prices and had a minor heart attack. 😛

If I was younger, I would not hesitate to purchase the best ticket in the house – because I always believed that if you want something, go for the best or don’t do anything at all. But VIP tickets priced at RM688 can give me a minor stroke. Since I need to save some money for my travel piggy bank, I did the next thing I know to do – join contests in hopes to score some good concert tickets.

Concert Tickets for “Living Things” in Malaysia 2013

Lucky me, I entered an online contest last minute and won a pair of Rockzone tickets (priced at RM450 each) from 8TV. The fastest person to tweet 8TV with the right answer and hashtag wins. There were four winners and I was one of them. I was super ecstatic by the results. My winning the Linkin Park tickets sort of overshadowed my winning the FC Barcelona Meet & Greet though. I love Linkin Park too much to even bother about others. 😆

Anyways, the concert was fantabulously ground-breakingly awesometastic. How can I say otherwise when Chester is doing his usual screams? I was a little disappointed with the sound system though. I suppose it’s hard to control the sound system at an outdoor concert like this. I know Chester screamed like mad most of the time but there were some parts when his voice was softer than the music. I know I screamed like mad at other times as well. 😛 I was singing and jumping and screaming, I think I lost 10 pounds. LOL! But when you love a band, you’ll sing along to every verse to show your support. Right? I was just so happy to see Chester doing his usual “stage presence”.

Chester My Dear
My fav man in the band
Love you Chazzy Chaz

OK, but not to undermine the rest of the band members, Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Joe Hahn, Rob Bourdon and Phoenix was also at their best that night. Of course they’re all perfect. Alright, I admit, I am being biased here. My eyes was only on Chester the whole night. 😆

Hi Mike..

Hi Brad

I should apologize to Mani and her friend for having to watch me jumping like a demented monkey and singing at the top of my lungs. But, well, we did get something out of it in the end, right? 😛 (Photo from Instagram)

After concert. Drum stick & Guitar Pick in hands. ^_^

Either way, this concert had catapulted me back to my 10-year-ago self and I am positive that I would never get bored of Linkin Park even in another 10 years to come. I just might not be able to jump much anymore then. 😀

Alright, I should just stop here before I start babbling about my love for Chester in another 500 words. Enjoy the little snippet below guys. Sorry for the volume and video quality. I recorded using my Samsung S3, surrounded by other “singers” and jumping monkeys. It wasn’t the best recording device to use at a rock concert.

Snippets of Linkin Park “Living Things” Live in Malaysia 2013

Have you guys been to any concert before?


    1. Don’t lah envy me. My blog already called “Enveeus” dy. LOL!
      Yes, it was luck, thank God for it. I haven’t won for a while before this one. Kinda lost my mojo jojo. 😛
      Tell me about it. Their tickets ARE pricey, that’s why I tried my luck on the contest.

    1. Hahaha Mon! If every day like this I sure slim melim already. 😛
      Waited for them for 10 years oh.. Don’t think I can make it anymore if they come back another 10 years. By then, break my back edy. Hahaha..

    1. I am very grateful that I won and got to catch them live again after 10 years. It has been a long wait. Hopefully I can see them again, if not in my country, maybe in USA one of these days. *pray*
      Maybe someday they’ll make it to your place?

    1. Alah Citra, don’t lah envy me. It was luck only. But do pray for me to be luckier in the future so that maybe I can win trips to Maldives or Mauritius or Japan or Korea or something like that.. Hehehehehe..

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