Donation of Ambulance to Community Policing Association of Malaysia and 76,920 Masks & Medical Supplies to COVID-19 Infected China

On Wednesday, 26th February, blogger friends and media gathered at Community Policing Association of Malaysia (COPS) in Taman Puchong Utama, Puchong to witness donation of one ambulance to the COPS by Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia. 

President of Community Policing Association of Malaysia, Mr. Kuan Chee Heng

The President of Community Policing Association of Malaysia, Mr. Kuan Chee Heng who was also at the event was very grateful for the new addition of ambulance into his fleet. The association currently has 3 ambulances and 3 hearses (Van Jenazah for Muslims). 

According to Mr. Kuan, COPS is a non-profit organisation that is available for the needy and poor. They depend solely on donations by the public, large corporations and organisations in order to keep on running. Most of the help they deliver are for those who cannot afford to pay for ambulances, medical assistant or hearse and burial. Hence with the donation of the brand new ambulance by Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia would help COPS tremendously. 

“I believe that when we give from our heart truly, we will receive tenfold from God. So we should do things sincerely. When we help those in need, we should help with sincerity and someday, God willing, He would repay us with something so much better,” said Mr. Kuan.

If you would like to know more about Community Policing Association of Malaysia or donate, do go to COPS Website or Facebook.

At the same event, we were also informed that the same Yayasan and Pertubuhan Integriti Nicky Liow along with a Malaysian singer-songwriter, Excella Chong had recently donated 76,920 masks and medical supplies such as thermometers, disinfection water, medicines and other relevant supply to some of the affected COVID-19 areas in Wuhan, China. The places that received the donations are Wuhan University Renmin Hospital, General Hospital of Henan Oil Field Nanyang, Centre Hospital of Nanyang, Bose City People’s Hospital, Regional Council and a few others.

Founder of the Yayasan, Nicky Liow, has been in business with China (especially Xingyi City and Wuhan) for many years and found it is only right to donate to them when they are in this dire condition and time in need. The donation was delivered via helicopter from Japan and Malaysia and Xinyi City has also acknowledged the delivery in a recent post at Youtube:

Yayasan Winner Emperor Sedunia is a charity foundation. To date, they have donated RM10,000 monthly to the Handicapped & Mentally Disabled Children Centre Melaka (totalling up to RM460,000 to date), donated RM500,000 for construction and expansion of 90-year old Sri Maya Muniswarar Temple in Ampang Jaya, donated RM900,000 to build a prestigious International School based in Malaysia, donated RM300,000 to Ti-Ratana Charity Home and many more.

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