IJM Land Chap Goh Mei Annual Festivity Returns to Seremban 2 this February

It has always been one of the most awaited season by the people of Seremban 2 (and nearby) which is IJM Land Chap Goh Mei celebration at Seremban 2’s City Park.

Themed as “Reunion in S2 with Joys Anew”, IJM Land’s highly-anticipated Chap Goh Mei celebration will be held on 16th February 2019 with many activities and entertainment lined up to celebrate the auspicious occasion. Residents of Seremban 2 and neighbouring residents of all ages are invited to join in on the fun.

IJM Land Chap Goh Mei Festivity

Since six (6) years ago, IJM Land has organized this festival annually in order to nurture ties with IJM Land’s community as well as preserve the Chinese tradition and culture. In this year’s “Year of the Boar”, IJM Land plans to bring a whole day activity starting from 7am until night on Saturday, 16th February 2019.

IJM Land Berhad Senior General Manager (Central Region), Dato Hoo Kim See

Senior General Manager (Central Region) of IJM Land Berhad, Dato’ Hoo Kim See said that activities like the one IJM Land will host for residents of Seremban 2 are meant to bring lots of fun and gaiety to the residents and at the same time bring the community together, foster unity and build bridges amongst each other.

“There is no greater joy than being able to warm hearts of our residents and potential buyers. We hope by starting the Lunar New Year in sharing this memorable occasion together, this gift purely from our hearts will bring more smiles and happiness throughout 2019,” Dato’ Hoo Kim See.


What Can You Find At IJM Land Chap Goh Mei Event?

For those of you who are interested in learning or seeing how Chinese calligraphy is done, you should get up early since it would be one of the first showcase at the festivity. There will be many street food and games booth around Seremban 2’s City Park too for you to refuel your tummy and enjoy your day – don’t take things too seriously right?

Have any of you seen high-pole lion dance performance up-close before?

On the same day, IJM Land brings Persatuan Kesenian Gui Qing to wow you with their lion dance performance along with other equally amazing young acts such as: Chinese Orchestra 5-piece back by Efficient Music, percussions performance by Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Chan Wa’s 24 Seasons Drum, Cultural Dance by Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Mewah and a game of Chinese riddles.

Are you ready for ASTRO Chinese celebrities on 19th February 2019?
Geraldine Gan & Will Ng
From left: Lim Yong Huat, Mei Sim, Geraldine Gan and Will Ng

If you love entertainment and music and is a huge fan of ASTRO Chinese artistes and celebrities, then IJM Land Chap Goh Mei celebration is A MUST for you to be at because ASTRO Chinese celebrities including Jiang Han, Geraldine, Danny, Apple, Amy, Juztin and many others will be at Seremban 2’s City Park to perform at their special themed concert, “Symphony of Love”.

If you are the type who believes in prosperity, the Gods of Wealth “Fuk Lok Sau” (Three Wise Men) will be walking around Seremban 2’s City Park with special giveaways to visitors. There are also cash booth machines available for you to try your luck and win some cash prizes.

One (1) of 178 “Ichiban Dodo” that will be displayed on 16th February 2019 at Seremban 2’s City Park

“Harvest farm” symbolises wealth and prosperity is a specially entertaining decorative section for visitors to check out the cute 178 “Ichiban Dodos” that were made by Art Corridor Studio’s students ranging from age 5 to 55.

In my opinion however, the highlight of the event (that is, if you’re a total romantic like myself) would be the Lover’s Bridge and tunnel that will be lit brightly with lanterns – a perfect setting for you to find that lover you’ve always dreamed of – as you end the festive night with a showcase of dazzling fireworks.

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