Love Is In The Air

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. They’re both engaged! Just not to each other, that is. I still remember the stories of these two a decade ago, the pop princess and the boyband heartthrob was so much in love even when they’re in their overdosed denim ensemble until the alleged cheating rumor broke them apart. It was sad yeah, but sadder now that they’re both “taken”.

Britney & Justin.. Aww old memories..

If Justin Timberlake marry, this will be his first and if Britney Spears marry, this will be her third.

So who are they paired up with?

Jessica & Justin

Justin Timberlake have asked Jessica Biel to marry him when they went vacationing last Christmas (2011) on some mountain. Reports said they vacationed at Jackson, Wyoming while some said at Montana. I have no idea which is the right one but one thing is true – they’re engaged, just as Justin’s grandmother confirmed. :cry:

I told Bbunz about it and we both went, “Oh no!” Bbunz was sort of brokenhearted because he liked Jessical Biel and I was sort of brokenhearted over Justin Timberlake. I always thought he was the non-marrying type but I guess I was wrong. Well, there’s still Leonardo “the-never-marrying” DiCaprio for me – right? :-P

Jason & Britney

Britney Spears too got engaged in December last year (2011) when her boyfriend who used to be her manager, Jason Trawick popped the question at a private dinner on his 40th birthday. She tweeted that it was the “gift” she had been waiting for and can’t wait to show the world the ring on her finger through twitter. Hopefully after the last 2 failed marriages for Britney, this will one will last forever and make her very happy.

Last year was not a very good year to the married couples of Hollywood. It was shocking to hear the 6-years marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore went crumbling down following a rumor of Ashton’s infidelity and then the marriage of Katy Perry and Russell Brand fell apart too. Remember Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony? I remember their performance at American Idol finals and not long after that, they announced that they’re separating. That was quite a surprise. Oh, and don’t remind me of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Though all these celebrities might have their own personal reasons to divorce or separate, I’m sure it wasn’t an easy ordeal to just pack up their bags and leave. So hopefully 2012 will be a wonderful year to couples who are married, engaged, in relationship and also to those looking for love. :-)

My best friend is going to get married this year, I’m so happy for her. Anybody here going to get married this year too? 8-)

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  1. BellaEnveeus says:

    Haha the good old days.. But they're both engaged to other people now.. Not sure if they might ever get back together since they've been apart for almost 10 years..
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