Malaysia #GE14 : What You Should Do On Polling Day

Effective Saturday, 7th April 2018, Malaysia’s parliament has been dissolved. The dissolution was announced by DS Najib Razak and agreed upon by His Majesty (Malaysia’s Agong), after which, a total of 222 parliamentary seats and 505 state seats are at stake.

On 10th of April 2018, Election Commission chairman, Hashim Abdullah announced that Malaysia’s 14th General Election #GE14 will take place on 9th May 2018. On 28th April 2018, the nomination process of candidates for the 14th General Election and delivery of candidate nomination papers to the Election Commission commences.

Let’s not talk about the hoo-haa on that day.

Although based on past practices, campaigning by candidates of parties lasts about two to three weeks but for Malaysia’s 14th General Election, the campaigning period is only 11 days.

Yes, the campaigning period is short but I believe Malaysians have had ample time, resources and facts to make up their mind on which candidate from which political party that should be chosen and why.

On 5th May 2018, early voting (for military and spouses) had begun and in ONE MORE DAY, it is up to the rest of the Malaysians to make their voices and choices “heard” when they go out to vote at their designated polling location.

Malaysia has made 9th May 2018 a public holiday so that every Malaysian whom are eligible to vote can play their part in having a better tomorrow for Malaysia (hopefully!).

How Do You Check Your Voting Info? Go to this link at SPR Malaysia (either you have registered or not, you may check), enter your Identification Card Number (IC Number) without the hyphen and check your eligibility, voting location, “Saluran” number, etc.

What You Should Do On Polling Day – Malaysia #GE14, 14th General Election (9th May 2018)

Now let’s get to the topic at hand.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or your tenth time, but no harm in refreshing your mind on the do’s and dont’s of voting right?

Remember fellas, voting hours is from 8am-5pm and there would be a lot of people coming out to vote for their preferred political party. If you don’t want to be stuck in the long queue (or jam!), arrive early at your polling locations.

Once again, check the SPR Malaysia link for your proper “Saluran” and your voter number information.

Here are the DO’s on Polling Day.

If this is your first time, when you’re in your designated “Saluran”, it could be slightly intimidating. Fret not, these are the only things you need to think about:

  1. Upon entering your “Saluran”, you will see there are 3 clerks. They are the Election Clerk.
  2. Clerk 1 will request for your IC. Make sure you have your IC ready. Once he or she has marked your name, proceed to Clerk 2.
  3. Clerk 2 is in charge in marking your finger with indelible ink. Extend your left index finger for marking. Please make sure the ink is dry before touching the voting ballot. Smudged or dirty ballot will be considered as “Undi Rosak”. If you’re left-handed, request that the clerk mark your right index finger instead.
  4. Clerk 3 will give you two voting ballots – for Parliamentary Seat (MP) and State Seat (State Assemblyman). MAKE SURE your ballot papers have serial numbers and are stamped by Clerk 3 (in front of you).
  5. Make your rightful choice at the closed voting booth. Make sure you write “X” at the correct box of your choice. Make sure the “X” is INSIDE the box – it is not too small and there are no smudge anywhere on the ballot paper.
  6. Make sure you cast your vote for the right candidates (you only have one chance).
  7. Then, fold the paper into half before heading to the ballot box. Insert the ballot into their respective ballot box (for Parliament and State seats) and you’re free to leave your “Saluran”.

Note: Check your ballot paper thoroughly and make sure it is void of any smudge or marks when you’re in front of Clerk 3. You can request for a different ballot paper if you find any discrepancies on your ballot paper. Once you are at the voting booth, you cannot exchange ballot paper anymore.

IMPORTANT: Secrecy of vote is crucial. Some RO might reject you if they find you taking photos with your ballot or selfie in your “Saluran”.

Family member (one) is allowed to assist any OKU voters.

Clothing? Dress proper (i.e. long pants, jeans, long skirt, t-shirt, collared shirt, etc). Do not wear sleeveless (both men and women) and very short shorts. The RO has the right to deny entry to you so don’t take chances.

DO NOT wear any party shirts or clothing with pictures of the candidate, party names or the logo of your party.

One more thing, anyone with nail polish, please remove it for voting.

What are the DONT’S on Polling Day?

Allow me to go through this with you again:

  1. DO NOT accept any ballot papers that are dirty, ballot papers that does not have any serial number or ballot papers that are not stamped by the clerk before you proceed to the voting booth
  2. DO NOT take selfies with or photos of your ballot paper
  3. DO NOT bring questionable and forged ballot paper into the polling hall
  4. DO NOT wear improper clothings
  5. DO NOT wear party shirts or clothing with pictures of candidates, party names or party logos
  6. DO NOT wear nail polish
  7. DO NOT mark anything other than “X” in the right box on your ballot paper. DO NOT mark outside of the box. DO NOT use “✓”
  8. DO NOT linger around your “Saluran” after you have cast your vote – any questionable behaviour can and will be taken action

Good Luck Malaysia for #GE14

We have read, seen and heard from political candidates that we feel most connected to. I hope all of you (my fellow Malaysians) have thought very thoroughly on who you would like to vote – from the first day each party introduced their Manifestos. We hope they will stick to their promises.

What matters most is for us to vote for the future Malaysia – a Malaysia we could govern ourselves; a Malaysia we can build and become a power to be reckoned with; a Malaysia that is strong, independent, rich and peaceful; a Malaysia rich with diversity and full of respect for each other.

Good luck Malaysia – “Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku”.

Let’s choose for a better tomorrow and it shall start with Malaysia #GE14.

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