Malaysia’s First LNG-Powered Vessel : Revolutionising Malaysian Maritime Sector

Yesterday, on 14th November 2018, I was at Mandarin Oriental Hotel to witness an MoU signing ceremony between three of Malaysia’s maritime giants – Synergy Marine (M) Sdn Bhd, MTCMS Design Sdn Bhd and Shin Yang Shipping Corporation Berhad. The signing was also witnessed by Tuan Hj. Ir. Ahmad Khairuddin Bin Ismail, Deputy Director General 2 (Operations) of Marine Department Malaysia.

The MoU signing was for the collaboration to design, build and deliver Malaysia’s first LNG-powered vessel shipbuilding that is said to revolutionise the Malaysian maritime sector.

The vessel, which is scheduled for keel laying in January 2019 and expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of year 2020, is said to not only be the first vessel of its type in Malaysia but also across South East Asia. What’s more, she will also be the first vessel to be built on Malaysian shores.

Falling in the Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) category, she will be built by Shin Yang Shipyard Sdn Bhd while the design of the vessel will be made by MTCMS Design Sdn Bhd. Synergy Marine (M) Sdn Bhd however is in charge in doing research and development (R&D) for the evolution of the ship’s design to the most advanced and high technology in 3D – including Digital Twin Technology (for new vessel) that is complete with virtual reality technology for maintenance, safety drills and training purposes.

With the use of Digital Twin Technology, it would mean less repair, no re-work and low maintenance. Hence, it would also mean low carbon footprint.

Yes, this is not a mere simple shipping vessel.

From what I read and heard at the ceremony, this vessel will mark as one of the most advanced Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) being designed, built and operated by Malaysian companies. The LNG-powered vessel not only coplies to IMO regulations but with the adoption of Green and High Technology vessel in their Oil & Gas operations, the vessel will save fuel consumption in any Oil & Gas operations.

As we have already known, LNG (Liquiefied Natural Gas) is a natural gas that is changed into liquid state by cooling it to -1620C through a refrigeration process at a liquefaction plant. LNG is naturally clear, non-toxic and odourless and LNG tanks are fuel efficient and light.

Dato’ Roslan Ahmad, Managing Director of Synergy Marine (M) Sdn Bhd

Hence why Dato’ Roslan Ahmad, Managing Director of Synergy Marine said, “LNG fuel engine system will greatly reduce the emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and particulate matter – which will make the environment greener yet at the same time still complies with international maritime organisation.”

The new vessel, MS PSV 77 DF measures at a length of 76.8 meters, breadth 19 meters, and a deck capacity of 600 square meters. She is equipped with dual fuel engine system that is LNG and diesel fuel. The LNG is stored in a vacuum insulated tank with a volume of 3002m.

After the completion in year 2020, the vessel would be available to contract charter from any Oil & Gas contractors and used in particular for operations in the global market. She will be ready to carry considerable amount of cargoes in her tanks including fuel oil, liquid mud, fresh water, dry bulk and drill water and a large deck space.

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