Adults go crazy in God Of Carnage

PJLA presents : God Of Carnage
Now one thing I can agree with Michael (Megat) last night, people don’t know what they’re getting into when they get married. One minute they’re holding hands at the altar saying their “I Do’s” and the next they’re scratching each other’s eyeballs out. Then you throw in a kid or two in the picture, all hell break loose.
Parenting is not an easy task. I should know, I’ve driven my parents crazy half of my life. Well actually, more like most of my life… On the surface they try to be the good guys, they try to be calm and collected but if I push the wrong button (or right one in some cases), I shall have to be ready for the tirade of screams and shouts. What can I say? They’re human too, and they have their boiling points.
Same goes with Alan (Will Quah), Annette (Lina Teoh), Michael (Megat Sharizal) and Victoria (Maya Tan Abdullah) in this play called God Of Carnage. They are two professional sets of parents meeting together to talk about their child’s misdemeanors but suddenly one person said the wrong thing (or the right thing, whichever way you prefer to take it) and they started picking on each other’s faults instead. So what’s the outcome to all the pointing fingers? A lot of screaming, getting drunk with rum, broken door knob, a boxer-clad Alan and the best of all – puke all over the room. Yup, you read that right. Puke in a play.
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Truth is, even though the play has not been adapted to Malaysian settings, I think it is natural for parents of any nation to be pretty defensive where their children is concerned and they would shed their nice image just to defend what they think is right or just. Sometimes too, disagreements in marriage that were never addressed can also trigger intense replies or outbursts. I think this play is an eye-opener to everyone, no matter if you are single, married and if you do or do not have kids. There’s always a bomb in all of us, waiting to explode because everybody is the same at the end of the day, especially when stripped to our basic fundamentals.
Read Synopsis :
Two young boys, a stick and some broken teeth are the catalyst in this tale of this two families. Veronica, a writer, and Michael, a company wholesaler, are parents to Henry. Annette, a wealth manager, and Alan, a lawyer, are parents to Benjamin. The two couples meet to discuss the misdemeanors of their sons.
The evening begins quite amicably, and the four parents intending to resolve the situation diplomatically. However, as their hope for this begins to splinter and these illusionment sets in, the evening deteriorates from one of mild unease and discomfort, into a deluge of accusations, recriminations, jealousy and rage.
Boys will be boys, but can the grown ups be grown up enough to resolve their differences without losing sight of right and wrong? The facade of civility shatters as the God of Carnage wreaks havoc in the living room and all hell breaks lose in the most hilarious manner!
This play is extremely entertaining, especially with the fantastic quartet. They have been rehearsing for the past 3 weeks for this play and from the preview last night, that rehearsals paid off. The beginning of the play might seem a little rehearsed but it gradually slides to funny and exciting mode non-stop for 90 minutes. Yes, be prepared to be glued to your chair for 90 minutes – there are no intermission. And who knows, maybe you can try to find out how Lina pukes on stage too! So if you’re in for a laugh over something you might (secretly!) have something in common with, do head down to PJ Live Arts Theatre @ Jaya One, PJ.
The God Of Carnage will only be available on :

28th – 29th Apr : 8.30pm
30th Apr : 5pm & 8.30pm
1st May : 5pm
3rd – 6th May : 8.30pm
7th May : 5pm & 8.30pm
8th May : 5pm

Admission prices are : RM 60 and RM30 (for student and senior citizen only).

P/S : Thanks Ayu for the tix!

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19 Responses

  1. Shemah says:

    looks like a really good one. do you know i've never attended local klpac theatre or the like before? high time i go to one..
    My recent post Dystichiphobia

  2. Mariuca says:

    LOL @ that puking pic ha ha… hopefully tak kena audience! B)
    My recent post Pedas Giler Challenge!

  3. Monica says:

    hey sweetie, ohh u went for God of Carnage! i heard it was a great show!B)B)
    My recent post Mothers Day Ice Cream Cakes @ Baskin-Robbins

  4. Suriani says:

    best jugak harga tiket tak mahal sangat..saya tak pernah pergi ke teater..menarik ke?kalau tiket murah ok jugak,boleh bawak keluarga!

  5. BellaEnveeus says:

    Yup, went there for the play sweetie.. It's pretty good actually. Quite intense! :D
    My recent post Movie Review – Thor

  6. BellaEnveeus says:

    Haha.. Me neither! This would be my first. I'm glad it didn't leave a bad impression.. :) It was very good actually..
    My recent post Britains Got Talent 2011 Audition & Riddles

  7. BellaEnveeus says:

    Haha.. Ada lah a bit terkena sikit yang sit kat depan tu :p Luckily I second row.. Ada la juga intense moment, time dorg tarik2 each other tu, I thought they going to jatuh off stage la pulak.. Phew!
    My recent post James Durbin and Stefano Langone

  8. BellaEnveeus says:

    Yeah, most people have forgotten the real reason people should get married. They do not think into the future and what the effects will be if they make the wrong move. People should be prepared thoroughly before getting married because it is a long journey and a real test of wills.. :)
    My recent post Criminal Minds

  9. BellaEnveeus says:

    Hi sweetie!! Indeed it was! I had a good time there. And something of an eye opener to parents too :p
    My recent post Prince William and Kate Middleton

  10. BellaEnveeus says:

    Ya betul tu! Bawa la keluarga, boleh menikmati lakonan live selama 1jam lebih tanpa henti! And lawak pun lawak gak.. :)
    My recent post The Royal Wedding Prince William & Kate Middleton

  11. Raz Devi says:

    Crikey that's real puke! Eekkks! This kinda thing is not for me, I'll go queasy and probably join her puking as well.. :x :x :x

  12. BellaEnveeus says:

    Oops, if so then better not attend such plays. I know some people like that.. It's OK sweetie, maybe you can go watch some other plays instead? :)
    My recent post New Bundles of Joy!

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