Another stray to add to the family, meet Bobby.


Remember the last two strays I blogged about? Here’s a third, who also pretty much came to us in the same way the other two did, either by chance or by fate, I don’t know. We named this new addition to the family as “Bobby”. We’re not too imaginative with dog names in comparison to cat names. Sure, we have cats named Eldar, Arya, Skardi, Freyer and other “weird” names but when it comes to the dogs, we sort of get stumped. So we ended up naming them simple human names. The first stray dog that came to our house we named Billy and the second we called Johnny.

Bobby arrived at our front gate a few months ago looking lost. He was afraid of humans at first and would run away when we approach him but he don’t understand moving vehicles or moving out of the road when there’s a car coming towards him. We would leave food and water for him outside our front gate and after he eats, he will hide somewhere in the bushes and only come out again when he’s hungry. This went on for almost a month until one day, he braved himself to come to us. :-)

Bobby limped from his right hind leg. We think he had been hit but he wouldn’t let us check his leg. Bobby is close to my brother, Z. Whenever Z walks out our front gate, Bobby would walk next to him or look up at him or lie down next to Z’s legs or put his paw on Z’s pants. However, Bobby also knows not to rub his wet nose on Z’s pants just by Z saying “no”.

As for me, I still have this teeny weeny phobia with dogs because of the incident where a wild dog sank all his teeth in my calf back when I was 8 years old. That incident was pretty traumatic and painful as hell so the fear of dogs stuck. Cesar Millan says if you want a dog to be submissive to you, you have to show you’re in control but with this phobia I have, I certainly emanate a fearful aura and I know these dogs can sense that from me. :-(

I do hope I’ll meet a nice dog some day though.

For now, we’re just taking care of Bobby. We do hope if there’s anybody out there who wants to adopt a dog, you would consider taking Bobby. He’s a sweet dog and friendly with the neighbourhood dogs but it’s just that the neighbours are making noise saying that he’s a stray and someone might call the MPKj to catch him. (If ever the MPKj comes, I bet it’s because of one of these stupid neighbours!)

Do voice out if you’d like a pet dog ya!


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  1. says

    Hello Bella
    what a coincidence.. i only gave away a shih szu to a friend last Saturday.. it belongs to my sister who is incapable of taking care of her now.. and I already owned a Labrador..

  2. says

    Hey Bells!! Hi Bobby!! :) Welcome to the family!! Mesti the other two strays Johnny and Billy dah spread the word around the neighbourhood. hahahah

    We also used to have a stray called Bobby dulu kat college. It came to our student house and we adopted and gave it food. Then until mating season, we realized it was a she. She was still Bobby to us, though. Hehehe

    Yeah, dogs can sense fear.. some of my friends who came over yang takut, Bobby will bark even though she's not much of a barker. Tapi I can't blame you lah. What happened to you must've been so scary and traumatic. I don't know what I would have done. Worse, I don't know what I'd do if it happened to Buddy who's at the same age as you were last time. Dah lah pagi2 we jalan kaki to school and some owners don't leash their dogs when they let it out for their morning walk. Some are quite garang pulak tu. Scary.

    Anyways, good for Bobby that you all are around to take care of him. Kesian animals who don't have anywhere to go.
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    • says

      You know, now that I'm replying you this comment, Bobby sudah tiada..

      I don't know if orang dekat my neigbourhood ni dengki or what but Billy and Bobby is kidnapped. :( We got home one night and when we panggil2 them, they didn't come. The next morning, we cari2 them all over also they're not around. And they don't do anything wrong pun. They just lie on the grass and come to my house for food. At night, they jalan2 the road and then come back to my house. But some people don't like coz they say when these dogs jalan2 the road, their dogs in their house barking2 sampai macam nak gila so the owners marah2 say these dogs kacau their dogs.

      I was thinking, bukan ke bagus ada dog yang jalan2 making rounds at our street, mana tahu ada perompak ke, ular ke.. I hate these neighbours.. I hope they all become bankrupt and have to become "strays" as well! >.<

      :( :( :( :(
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  3. says

    Awww you are so sweet and kind.

    And Bobby is sure lucky to have met you and your family. I do hope someone can adopt him and give him all the love he deserves to get.

  4. says

    You have a good heart! God is watching and you will be blessed :)

    I love dogs when I was young – i was passionate until the one I love was murder by me accidentally.

    So I dont have dog – no more. :)

    Cheers – I have been missing out on your blog. :D

    • says

      Oh no.. That must be a traumatic experience..

      I think my dogs have been kidnapped. One day we got home and they're gone. I know my neighbours hate these strays but they never disturb anybody.. :( There has been a few times when my neighbours ask us in a not-so-friendly way why we muslims help these dogs (coz they're chinese and indians and they also don't help). They say these dogs are nuisance but I don't think they are. Billy once alerted us of a snake under our car and also alerted us of a trapped kitten in my neighbour's drain so why they call these dogs nuisance, I have no idea.

      I am sad.. :(
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  5. bluedreamer1227 says

    aw so cute… so what is his surname? Brown? Bobby Brown? LOL … i love dogs actually compare to cats or birds… they are playful and so friendly …

  6. keblon19 says

    Wow you have a cool name.. what breed is this dog? and I have dog to its Labrador his name is Jacob, I got that name in twilight..
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  7. says

    good work for taking Bobby in. He looks like an old boy since his cheeks are rather white compared to his generally brown coat.

    Patience and over time he will allow you to touch him. Took us a week before we gained Blessing’s trust. He was a 3.5 legs dog when he walked into our neighbourhood. 3.5 coz the hind right leg was dangling:-(

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