Combine RainyMood and Other Music

Has any of you watched the movie Pan’s Labyrinth? I’m not gonna be talk about the movie here but I have to say something about the soundtrack. If you’ve watched the movie before, you’ll remember the lullaby that Mercedes sang to Ofelia, especially at the part when Ofelia was dying inside the Labyrinth. It is one of my favourite songs, a lullaby that keeps playing in my head when I’m down or feeling lost.

Now the thing is, I just found out this neat trick at YouTube earlier and thought of sharing it with you guys here.


The soundtrack “Ofelia’s Lullaby” is good enough as it is. To me, the music is haunting and reminds me of my childhood with my late grandmother. I guess that was the only time when my mind was free, when everything around me looked like rainbows and roses. But as I grew up, all the rainbows and roses drifted away and all I see is a pile of mush. šŸ˜„ IĀ  miss my grandma. But well, that’s just me.

Back to the trick I was talking about. Somebody left a comment suggesting to play the soundtrack with rainy sounds at the same time and when I did, it sounded 100 times nicer. I had my headphones on, I played them both at the same time and then I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I saw the rainbows and roses again… šŸ™‚

What if you guys try it too? Play the videos the same time and listen. It would be better if you put on your headphones so you can really get lost in the sounds and music.

P/S : You can try this with other soundtracks too. I tried Yiruma’s “River Flows In You” with the RainyMood sounds and it was so beautiful.. Photobucket

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