Aladdin The Musical Gala Premiere @ Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre

 OH EM GEE. What a night! :-D

I was at the Gala Premiere Night of Aladdin The Musical yesterday. I have nothing else to say but one word – AWESOMETASTIC!

The stage


OK, maybe that’s not enough to sum up the whole show so I’ll walk you through some of what I had experienced at the musical. The backdrop was beautiful in EVERY scene! Love all the details they put into the backdrop and the colors of the lighting so that it blends well with the clothes and dances. The stage looked very spacious in comparison to when I was there during behind the scenes tour.

When I registered at the Surf Beach entrance, I was placed under the “media” section and so we went to the Lighthouse Cafe for refreshments first (yummy food freshly cooked) before going to the amphitheatre on the buggy. I brought my mom as company with me last night. After dinner, met Shemah and her sister at the amphitheatre.

Mr. Aaron Soo, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Lagoon Sdn Bhd

Mr. Aaron Soo was there for the opening speech before the musicals starts. He thanked all the sponsors and partners for making the musical come true.

Then it began. And I was blown away. What a performance! We saw Aladdin made a spectacular “flying” entrance on the zip line, we saw the gorgeous Princess Jasmine and her father the Sultan, there was the phenomenal headpiece of the evil Jafar (it was bigger than the girls’ headpieces), we loved the very cheeky and funtastic Genie with his wit and butt-gyrations and so much more. We even loved the 3D lights and flying live chickens on stage.

Aladdin the Musical had been an amazing performance. With a little tweak on the sound system (because sometimes we can’t hear what was said), everything would be 100% perfect.


I’m sure you guys have heard or read about Aladdin and his Genie but this musical is a bit more funnier than the original tale.

Songs involved in this musical are mostly current pop songs that young and old can sing along to such as Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire”, Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” and so many others. Of course they must also sing the classic “A Whole New World” by Peabo Bryson and Regina Bell but the attention-seeker Genie who sings every time he makes and entrance makes it livelier and dance-worthy. :lol:



With Jess Elmer (Slave Of The Ring), Michael Morgan (Jafar), Gareth Heesom (Genie), Peter Jamieson (Sultan)


With Joshua Tonks (Aladdin), cheek-kissing Jess Ellmer (Slave Of The Ring), with Michael Morgan (Jafar)

The best part of this night? A number of those who came tonight get to take photos with the casts. So, of course I would not miss out on this chance!  Jess Elmer (Slave Of The Ring) remembered me and suddenly just hugged and kissed me. :-D She’s absolutely gorgeous! All the others are friendly as well. Peter Jamieson (Sultan) is so camera friendly and will hug you anytime and Michael Morgan (Jafar) is just so cool, always ready to give “evil” stares to the camera. :-P

I was laughing all the time at this show and I know I am not going to regret going to this musical again next week.

So what are you waiting for? Buy tickets to Aladdin The Musical and make sure you see this musical for yourself!

You can purchase the tickets at :

  3. Victoria Music Outlets,
  4. Rock Corner Outlets.

P/S : Children under 3 years old is not advisable to be brought to this show. More photos will be uploaded at Facebook soon.

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10 Responses

  1. Raz Devi says:

    wow…. OMG indeed!
    <3 the photos and videos doll…. nice show!

  2. Shemah says:

    It surely was a wonderful performance!! :) I really enjoyed it. It was nice to meet your aunt dulu and it was nice to meet your mom!! :) My sister was super hungry and she really didn't want to waste time waiting for me to take a pic and whatever.. so I really had to go. You know us. Kalau lapar je, cranky. Hahahahaha! but sorry tak tersay goodbye to your mom and salam her pun. :(

    The cast are just darlings, aren't they? When I called out to Peter to say hi, I can't believe he still remembered my name. He's such a darling and he left me a msg on my FB wall too. Btw, the stage design was superb! All in all I really enjoyed myself. It was fun and I can't wait to go again!! just wonderful!!! <3

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    • BellaEnveeus says:

      Yeah wonderful performance kan? Sorry the second time I couldn't go. So busy shopping with my mom, maklumlah her birthday she wants to find the right gift for herself.. :D I don't know what to shop for her dy so just told her to decide what she want and then we go find the best. She decided to get a watch so sibuk lah round2 Pyramid tu cari watch sampai terlambat nak masuk Lagoon.. I hope you enjoyed yourself the second time as we did on the Gala night.. Takpela, I'll go this 15th nanti.. Hehe..

      Aww Peter is so sweet.. Both Peter and Jess shared this blog post and my video, am so happy. They're both awesome possums.. :) This is a fantastic show and anyone who didn't go see this show will definitely regret it! ;)
      My recent post Speechless

  3. CleverMunkey says:

    such an awesome musical production! wish i was there too! :)
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