No Nonsense, Please!


At first I thought of just letting this thing pass, especially since I feel this “thing” is complete nonsense that will be buried and forgotten in the next few days. However, there have been a few friends who contacted me directly to ask “what’s the story” and although my closer circle of friends already knew about this, I figure I’ll just write the story here, get it all out in the open, and then put this nonsense past me. Hope after you read the last line in this post, you will understand what went on and quit asking me what, why, when, where and how.


I would like to thank everyone who voted my blog as the “Tourism Blog Of The Year” at MITBCA and made me the winner. I am deeply honored by your support. ;)

However, the saying “When you’re on top, there will always be those who would pull you down” is true.

I should’ve learned the lesson when it happened to a close friend of mine who was also nominated in MITBCA in another category. Yet, my stubborn and competitive nature urged me to keep on going and with encouragement from that same friend, I tried what I could to get to the top of the category. I even managed to convince my brothers to help me with their gamers network and all. LOL! Now I owed my brothers quite a bit. :P

I guess what irritates me with this whole situation is the issue only came up a couple hours before the voting ends at MITBCA’s website (1st May). Somebody with the IP address left a comment at my category’s runner’s up blog posing as me and used my blog address to condemn her. Look, I don’t do this kinda shit OK? Seriously, I have no time for this kinda shit. I have to do 3 things at once every day. I have 2 jobs and I study. Do you think you can do 3 things in 24 hours? Try it and tell me.

So, it pisses me off that I have to clean up other people’s shit by having to visit the runner’s up’s blog and making sure she knows the poser is not me. Then, what’s funnier is the poser left a comment at my blog too (it was in moderation) as the runner’s up, trying to scare me about the increase of my vote. Sorry, I guess you never had the gamer’s network to help increase your votes before, if not you would understand. Too bad. What’s FUNNY is the time this so-called poser left the comments. It was the time when my blog have just taken over the first place. LOL!

Photo below was taken at 12.14am (2nd May), 2 hours after the comment was left at my blog and 15 minutes after voting ends.


I know that none of my friends and connections are involved in this. I know it to my bones because I know the kinda people my friends are. I know they wouldn’t care a fit that I get 107 votes in 1 hour but what they would do is they would support me and garner more votes for my blog. You see, I am very very VERY selective of people I make friends with. So I know them. I KNOW. Plus, my friends are all busy people. Do you think they have all the time in the world to leave nasty comments at people’s blogs and try to pit people against each other? I know what my friends will do if they’re angry or if they’re irritated by stealing cheaters or if they hate somebody. They won’t complain much but they’ll just ignore that person. Or better yet, they’ll just stop being friends. <— The easiest thing to do in the “Book Of Friendship”.

Then, the next day (2nd May) when I was busy outside scouting places for my new project and buying things for my shop, another friend texted me and informed that the poser left another comment at another blogger’s blog (which is the runner’s up’s good friend). I have no idea why this poser is doing this and what she/he is trying to get from all this.

  • Think about it. The MITBCA competition has ended so why continue this crap again? Maybe to taint the name of my blog? Hmm.. Just because I won this once? How about those people who have won awards many times before me? Why not taint the name of their blogs? Where was the poser when that was happening? (I’m assuming this poser is someone none of us knew).
  • Think about it again. If ever, (touch wood!) in a universe where donkeys and pigs can actually fly, this was done by my own friends, why would they pose as me and leave nasty comments between me, the runner’s up and the runner’s up’s friend? If my friend WAS my supporter, I can understand if he/she leave nasty comments at other people’s blog as somebody else but what would he/she gain by leaving nasty comments as me? Not only will that reduce my popularity (which is not what a supporter would want) but also will not fulfill any objective AT ALL. Right? Right??

Come on, you go to school, use your brain God gave you.

Come to think of it, I feel like this whole shit IS like school where kids would backstab their friends to win or kids acting the victim and blaming others to get support. This is ridiculous. I left school a decade ago. Now I feel like I’m thrown to the past. Eek! :evil:

Truthfully, I think there’s a lot more happening to this than just about the blog awards. Maybe nobody realize this and sadly, I was thrown in the middle at the wrong time. Heck, maybe if I was nominated in other category, none of this would happen. Who knows? Only God knows why some people pose as other people to gain miniscule support.

So yeah, after receiving the award next week, I think I am not going to join any voting contests anymore. Oh, unless the prize is more than RM10k or a car or a house then that’s different. I would rather concentrate on winning big things this year, like that car I have been aiming for since New Year. I miss winning big things, you know. I always win big things before this. So don’t jinx my 2012. You may do that to yourself.

My special THANKS to the ladies who had supported me endlessly and believed I was not the culprit in this whole shenanigan. Love you Kak Emila, Shemah, Maria, Soulie and Jard! You ladies are awesome!

We’re now at the last line. Hope you understood what I wrote. No more nonsense and please, no more questions yah! 8-)


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  1. says

    Dat's why la, I oso malas want to join competisi, last one I joined was Blog Idol, then ada org tried to sabotage me it seems! Konon-konon my supporter but at the same time tried to badmouth another contestant, which only made me looked bad right? Like I was asking this so called supporter to do that what the hey.. anyway I continued with the competisi oso but after dat mmg lost interest to join voting contests… boo hoo! Luckily u won! :*
    My recent post Cool Night @ Marina Bay Sands!

    • says

      Hmm I feel like it's such a waste of time wanna find out the culprit. Unless the culprit strikes again then maybe will go full force to find out who it is lah. Coz process to deal with SKMM and all are quite tedious
      My recent post No Nonsense, Please!

  2. marvic says

    i only knew about Bella's ID kena hack yesterday.. anyway..lets aiming winning really BIG..hehehe

  3. says

    Bella, I checked the IP above on some tracing website, it says U Mobile with a STATIC IP. I am waiting for my friend to come back from Cambodia and check the IP registration, hopefully to find out the registered name behind this static IP. The location of the person is somewhere in Titiwangsa – Chowkit – Kg Baru area.

    Being in silence doesn't show we're the guilty ones here. Who ever badmouthed us, they will burn in hell. Fitna is much more bigger sin than murder. May Allah reveal the truth so that rewards shall be gained due to the untrue words spread and sustained throughout this realm.

    My recent post Going Places in my hands

  4. says

    Congrats on the win!! I dun like joining contests where u need to get votes LOL! Wah! Got people so desperate until do such a thing?

  5. says

    Hey Bells!! Love you too!! hahahaha Seriously lah DESPERADO sangat ini orang. Not worth an iota of energy to think about. Kesian lah orang macam ni, no life, no purpose. Sebab tu nak wreck people's life. So pathetic. Kalah menang kan adat pertandingan. Mesti frust tu takde orang nak nominate blog dia in the first place.

    Congrats on the win!! Here's to winning more BIG things this year! Car, 10K AND the house!! WEEEEEEEEE!! :D Will keep my eyes peeled out for any contest with big wins that has nothing to do with most purchases or votes. LOL! :D then i roger-roger you! LOL!

    Anyways, hope this week will be a better week for you!! :D
    My recent post Food Friday: Banana Leaf @ Sri Nirwana Maju, Bangsar

  6. soulie says

    I'm such a slowpoke heheh! congrats Bella for winning blog of the year category. your strategy worked yeay!
    hope can trace that culprit yang buat kacau bilau tuh!

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