Black Box & Why Euro Dance Is Still Ride On Time

Every time you’ve entered a nightclub where there are tacky green lasers; where the flooring has some inexplicable black paste that has rubbed off on your shoes and there is a distinct whiff of supermarket brand energy drink to go with a DJ playing who still lives with his mum at the age of 38, the chances are you are going to listen to Black Box’s ‘Right on Time’ at some stage in the evening.


Now, this is not to detract away from the song itself, which is a bonafide Eurodance anthem and eternal italo-house classic. You have probably heard the song near on 750 times in your life, and yet every time you hear it you feel you hips starting to gyrate slightly as Loleatta Holloway’s vocals crackle through the below-standard PA system. Your toes begin to tap somewhat gruellingly up and down on the floor which more resembles some sort of sludge-paste you find in overused ashtray that you’ve left outside your window for too long. Yeah, you may have heard it countless times before, but yet to this day, it remains an absolute belter.

Such is the legacy of the track and its universal appeal today, it is noticeable that there has been a revival of Eurodance that has been tangible recently. Jackmaster was ranked the 4th Best DJ in the world on RA’s review of 2015, and as anyone who has seen him DJ can attest, the man is susceptible to a playing out a fair whack of Eurodance. Space Dimension Controller recently ended his Boiler Room session by sending the crowd into ecstasy and Belfast into total and utter meltdown by playing out the DJ Taucher Remix of Ayla, made infamous in its use in Kevin and Perry go large. Vice recently ran an article on the eternal significance of Eiffel 65’s song ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee), and it’s continued ‘importance’ in 2016: but to be honest we all know it was a bit of a pisstake.

Space Dimension Controller Boiler Room X AVA… by brtvofficial

Conversely ‘Ride on Time’ triumphs through the generations as an italo-house turned pop record. The group today are still touring through music agents MN2S, where they continue to hold a certain charm in their sets today that capture the essence of 90’s heyday Euro Dance at its finest. The genre itself has had a hazy period since the time when Sasha et al were at their pomp. But huge piano-heavy productions and soul-shifting choruses are definitely making some sort of revival through the likes of Bicep, Optimo and Jimmy Edgar. It might be too sweeping a statement for Black Box to bring Euro Dance back themselves, but the genre’s pioneers will have a damn good crack at trying to.


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