Tips to dress-up for a romantic candle light dinner with your partner

When you have an important night out with your partner, women always utter the same phrase, “I have nothing to wear”, which is the same case as me. I may have an array of different types of tops, skirts or dresses in the hues of the rainbow but for that special night with that special someone – especially if you already know that you’re having a candle light dinner together – only a special dress can rise up to the occasion.

Then again, going out for such an occasion requires more than just the perfect dress. So here I include some tips on how to dress-up right for a romantic candle light dinner.

  1. The perfect dress

Like I said above, we need that perfect dress that will just put everything in the mood. Most ladies will pick the safest color when it comes to dresses, which is usually black. However, I think colors will liven up a romantic setting for you and your partner. A red dress will help bring out the sassiness in you, emerald green can make you look regal in the dimmed-light setting, gold can make your skin seemed translucent and smooth whilst sapphire blue is the color of more romance after dinner.

You don’t have dresses in these colors and no time to search for them at the mall? Fret not. You can search for them online and they’ll be sent to your door as soon as possible. Zalora fashion clothing has a variety of dresses to suit your taste and can also be mailed straight to your home.


  1. Accessories

The right types of accessories help compliment the dress you’ve picked. You don’t have to pick the same color accessory as your dress though, you can always spice things up a little by adding a splash of color. You can use the usual accessories such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets or you can spice it up by using thin belts or tie a scarf around your neck or put on a sparkly anklet.

Handbags and watches are part of accessories too. The right handbag or watch can help make you look demure but if you picked the wrong handbag or watch, it might make it look out-of-place. However, confidence is key. So, if you’re confident wearing them, then make sure you “own” that look and you’ll look just perfect.


  1. Skin care or products

A candle light dinner and no makeup? Of course you would need some, maybe a little sparkle near your eyelid. However, clear skin is far better than piling up layers of makeup to cover up imperfections. If a zit just popped on your chin a day before the special night or you have dark circles like Rocky Raccoon, what you need is a good skin care product and you can get them easily at Hermo Malaysia beauty products for that quick fix. If the product proves to be good for your skin, stick to it. Clear, healthy skin goes a long way and will help you look good all the time, and your partner will thank you for it.


So, here you go. You don’t need to spend thousands of ringgit to make that candle light dinner perfect for you and your partner. At the end of the day, what’s important is the company you have for each other and the love you share. So plan to dress-up well, but also let the priceless moments count.

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