Arsenal FC Tour 2012 Meet & Greet

This, I must say, is probably going to be in the list of my “TOP 10 Best Things That Ever Happened In My Life” (so far, at least). I won’t kid you, I never thought that I was going to win when I entered this contest – I entered for both myself and my boyfriend but he didn’t pick up the phone when the organizer called him but I picked up my phone, so, sorry dear!

Arsenal FC Malaysia 2012

So, Arsenal made their way to Malaysia again this year (thank God!) even though they already came here last year – not that I’m complaining. I had a lot of fun watching them on the field against Malaysia’s own Malaysia XI last year and I knew I was going to have just as much fun this year so, I when I found out they were coming, I did not hesitate to purchase the ticket.

Then I found out that the organizer of the match between Arsenal FC and Malaysia XI, Pro Events is having a contest for Arsenal’s “Super Gunner” and also for a Meet & Greet. It was too late for me to enter the “Super Gunner” contest but I tried for the Meet & Greet.

And guess what? I received the call and won a Meet & Greet!

“We are Arsenal, Arsenal FC! We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen..”

The Meet & Greet happened in the afternoon at one of Subang’s hotel (where the boys are staying). I know it is Ramadan and all, but I still make my way to the hotel with my merchandise so that the boys could sign it – hopefully one of the top ones! 😛

I was lucky that one of my comper friends, Devi, also won the Meet & Greet and so we decided to pair up so that we could get more signing and better photos – because the winners will be sent into the signing hall in groups (small number) and after 5 minutes and the bell is rung, we will have to leave the hall so another group can be sent in.


Arsenal FC Malaysia 2012
Happy me!
With Arteta (my fav!) and Walcott

Last year, Van Persie did not join the team on the field. This year, he didn’t even join the tour. I know he’s leaving Arsenal but I didn’t like his behaviour one bit – letting the fans down.

I took photos with quite a few of the Arsenal team members like Walcott, Song, Arteta (my fav!) but I wished I could’ve taken a photo with Mr Wenger himself. But people are all over him, Walcott and Szczesny so Devi and I ended taking photos with the less popular team members.

We were lucky however, seconds before the bell rung, we managed to squeeze in near Walcott and take very close (cheek to cheek) photo with him. Phew!

I guess my favourite part of the Meet & Greet was when a photo of me and my Spanish heartthrob, Arteta, was taken by Arsenal’s own professional photographer and it was uploaded in the Arsenal official website the day after.

My goodness, I am so glad I looked cute in this picture. And, even though my cheeks are next to his and my hand is on his back, the security guy did not shoo me away. Thank the Lord!

Photo of Arteta and me in the Arsenal official website

After photo taking and trying to get as many signatures as possible on my Arsenal cap, both Devi and I left the hall happy and excited. We gushed about how good looking these boys looked like up close. We were also so excited to see the tournament the next day.

I am so grateful that I won the Meet & Greet and also very happy to catch the team playing against Malaysia XI. I am sorry the Malaysian team lost, but was so happy to see Arsenal on the pitch and winning.

I hope this will not be the last time Arsenal FC visits Malaysia, and hope it will not be many years before they return. All the best to Arsenal. Gooners forever!


    1. I was slightly disappointed with the game yesterday. Özil’s goal was already awesome. Gibbs should’ve done something, like, kick the ball away or something before Deulofeu gets the equalizer. And Giroud, I went crazy with him. Hahaha! Adoiii

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