#MSS2011 First activity at Awana Genting Highlands – Day 3 (Part 2)

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We walked from Awana Genting Highlands Hotel to the abseiling course. We climbed almost 40 stairs and ascend to the destination that took us almost 20 minutes. When we arrived at the destination, I took one look at the Abseiling course and thought it would be a piece of cake – overconfident. :lol:

The outdoor abseiling isn’t so tough, it is 45° to the ground and the height is 40 feet. Before we begin though, we have to get into our basic gear :

Necessary abseiling gear

  1. Climbing harness
  2. Helmet
  3. Glove
  4. Carabiner & Figure 8

Then, the rope is anchored to a giant tree at the top of the ramp. I looked at the knot they did of the rope at the anchor. I hope it is strong enough to keep lil-ol-me safe and not fall face first to the bottom of the hill. I tried the normal rappelling and the Australian rappel. Oh, and both times I did it with Zaid. And this is when everybody in MSS2011 start teasing us about a “scandal”. Oh, but we’re cool, right Zaid? :-P

“So many papparazzos taking our photo!” ^_^

 Photos credit to : [http://feeqsays.com], [http://tianchad.com], [http://halogaga.com]

The Outdoor Abseiling is part of the Eco Sports Activities under Awana Genting Highlands. It costs RM 30 for adult and RM20 for child. There are other activities under the Eco Sports such as Nature Trek, Indoor Abseiling, Indoor Rock Climbing and Outdoor Flying Fox. I was told that the Indoor Abseiling is tougher, the height is 80 feet and at 90° to the ground.

There are also other “Fun & Adventure” activities offered at Awana Genting. They have team building program, a program not only challenging but will leave a great mark on your life. Companies or bodies who wants to instill cooperation in your employees or groups should definitely sign up for the team building program at Awana Genting. The rate of RM1400/session (for 40 people and below) or RM35/person (for 41 people and above) is affordable indeed. There’s also the GO GREEN Team Building Program, good for the environment as well as support to what Dato Anthony Teo suggested.

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We had a lot of fun with the abseiling, laughing at how Daniel bunny-hopped his way to the bottom, how Feeq was hiding in the bushes as a papparazzi (or maybe to past motion since he had stomachache the whole day.. :lol:) and how everybody were so energetic until our trainer, Zul got caught up in the hype too! Suddenly make me want to Facebook MMS everyone on my FB using The Cube coz it certainly was a super hyper moment! :-D

After everybody did at least 2 rounds of rappelling, we got out of our gear and walked straight to where we’ll be spending the night – the longhouse – where our bags and luggages are already waiting for us…


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  1. bluedreamer1227 says

    wow it looks really challenging…. It's been awhile since the last time I had this kind of adventure with my friend…

  2. says

    Ooohhhh soo much fun!! hahahaha scandal with Zaid? LOL! :) Biasalah tu when you're in a group. Mesti kena ejek once you're super close to someone yeah? :) Hahahaha

    Oh it definitely looks easy but I'm sure it's not! Hahaha now that I'm training for my 10km race next November, hopefully I'll be fitter and then I will ajak you go adventure with me! Hahaha! I so long to go for these type of activitiies! JOM LAH!

    But it's actually quite cheap yeah, the rates? Not bad at all!! I would so love to come here one day! LOL @ Feeq hiding in the bushes. Killing two birds with one stone kot? Hahahahaha!
    My recent post We Run This

    • says

      Haha.. That's why lah, I abseiling with Zaid, I scandal with Zaid.. I eat next to Feeq, I scandal with Feeq.. Haha.. Tapi yang paling banyak kena ejek, I la.. Though they know about Bbunz and all, kita just sporting je la kan? Alamak, if you wait until you fitter, then I lagi lah tak fit langsung! :D How to go this kinda activities? I will ketinggalan! LOL! Oh, what I wanna try soon is paramotor or paragliding.. Or whichever easier to find.. Haha..

      Feeq paparazzi, sanggup go inside bushes!
      My recent post #MSS2011 Final dinner and partayyy time! – Day 4 (Part 4)

  3. says

    Wow I've never tried abseiling before… That looks like a lot of fun! I've only done bungee once and that's the only extreme thing I've done so far.. Abseiling would be nice, even if it were the 90degrees you said…. The price for the activity is definitely affordable too. I'm sure it was as "ohsem" as you described! ;)

    • says

      You've done bungee? Awesome! I wanna try bungee too la one of these days but not the one at Sunway Lagoon coz that one dips you in the water.. (Do you know ever since the first time I came to Sunway Lagoon since I was very young, I always imagine there's a lockness monster in that dark cloudy water under the bridge? Haha) Yeah right? Pretty cheap don't you think? And the trainers are friendly too.. :)
      My recent post #MSS2011 Goodbye Awana Genting – Day 4 (Part 3)

  4. Suriani says

    haha scandal?? lawak lah group korang ni.. nampak best sangat!
    harga aktiviti kat sini pun berpatutan lah.. memang betul awak cakap, kalau buat untuk company untuk team building ke, memang bagus…. boleh kemukakan rancangan lah macam ni.. terima kasih atas cadangan dan info!

    • says

      Oh why not Lily? It's not so scary actually.. At first, when I was at the top, my stomach sorta made a few backflips but once I got I started at the angle to go down, it didn't feel so scary because you can feel the strong tug of the anchor and rope. You actually need to bring down your weight and press on in order to move which shows how strong and tight the ropes are.. :)
      My recent post Awkward is the name

  5. says

    Scandal? (ahem) heheeheehe.. That's quite a climb you guys went through on your way to the abseiling course.. I have never tried abseiling myself but would surely give it a try if there is an opportunity.. We have got to take risks at least once in our lives, don't we? This surely looked like a fun thing where you and your friends certainly made it look so easy Bella. Thumbs up to all of you for being a good sport! ;)

  6. says

    hahaha u guys so cool la.. wish can go and experience something like this with my own group of friends.. the price of the activity is affordable.. but this price is only for single abseiling trip or can rappel as many times as we want?

    • says

      Yeah, it is affordable and there are other fun activities for your to try out to. It will definitely be more fun if you go with a group of friends that you're comfortable with. I was told that you can do it as many times as you want, though not the whole day lah.. A realistic number of times, please. :p
      My recent post My Big Bad Book Buys

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