#MSS2011 Morning Jungle Trekking & Leeches! – Day 4 (Part 1)

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Morning came and we were late. Our trainer, Zul was already screaming at the top of his lungs for us to hurry. It seems bloggers can never wake up on time. :-D We were supposed to gather outside the longhouse at 7am but only by 7.40am everyone was there. We were divided into five groups and my group consists of Jard, Saleh, Helga and Zaid. We had to warm up first before we go for our next activity – jungle trekking.

“Look! You can see First World Hotel from here!”

Oh yeah, did I ever tell you guys that I am not a very physical person? I like to stay away from physical activities, especially something that requires me to climb uphill. :lol:

Jungle trekking is not my particular favorite type of activity. I know in jungle trekking you either go up or you go down to see the various types of flora and fauna around. I don’t usually mind the going down part, but the going up, well that’s another story. If I recall it right, the last time I went jungle trekking was at FRIM when I was in Form 2 following the school’s Maths & Science Club. So yeah, that’s just me.

Jungle Trekking at Awana Genting

Walking into the jungle, you can here sounds of birds chirping and also sounds of monkeys. I think the sounds of birds chirping are so calming. It made me forget that I already have a horrible sore throat.

“Spot the monkey in one of the pictures”

However, praise the Lord we only went jungle trekking for less than 2 km. We were descending down into the jungle and since I am lazy to climb back up later, I slow down at the back and use it as a reason to take photos of my surroundings. :-P *cheat* Luckily though, Zul decided not to bring us farther in because there’s another activity waiting for us later called “Tears of The Sun”.

check your leeches peeps! :P

While we were walking out, somebody said something about leeches and how it can get into the shoes without you realizing it. Siti said she saw one that was trying to get into her socks but she managed to quickly flick it away. Feeq was calling to everyone asking where he can get leeches for himself. By the time we got out of the trekking course, Jard showed us the leech hanging near her calf. I was busy taking photos and trying out the setting of my camera when suddenly I thought why don’t I just check, in case there’s a leech in my shoes too.

So, I opened my right shoe, pulled down my socks and voila, one happy leech was getting fat sucking my blood. I was transfixed. I never had a real leech on me before – I sound like a kiasu city-girl, don’t I? :-P Not long after I took off my socks, the fat leech fell to the ground and we headed to Pasar Ikan Bakar to have our breakfast. I got a  band-aid for my leech bite since there was some blood still trickling down my feet. And yeah, it itches.

Anyways, better have some food to prepare for the “Tears of the Sun” activity. Come cheer for me in my next post! :-)


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  1. marvic says

    here is some trick yg abg ipar saya ajar kalo nak elakkan lintah or pacat naik atas kaki/kasut … stokin kita kena direndamkan dengan air yg berisi minyak cap kapak..lepas tu bilas and dikeringkan.. bila dh kering baru bole pakai stokin tu.. mmg confirmed xder lintah or pacat naik ke kaki… or badan… :)

    • says

      Oic.. Neat trick.. Never heard them before.. Ok la, next time kalau I tersesat akan join aktiviti macam ni must make sure do this trick.. Tapi air berisi minyak kapak tu takyah banyak2 sangat lah kan? Takkan nak habiskan 1 botol minyak kapak? I will do this next time, coz gigitan pacat ni gatal la, pastu berbekas.. Sangat tak best..
      My recent post An Inspiration

  2. says

    Hahahaha I am an outdoorsy person and I love being active but then jungle trekking… not so much. Only because of the last time I went jungle trekking with my late dad to the heart of Danum Valley.. gorgeous but too many leeches!! I had 5 all over my body. Once we arrived at the rest house my dad told everyone to strip naked to make sure there were no leeches.. because tak rasa kan if they go on you.

    From then on, I was traumatised to say the least. So jungle trekking .. I'll pass but now that I've read Marvic's "petua"…. well, who knows? Maybe I might!! hahaha

    p/s: Tweet me when more videos and photos are up!! Will be delighted to check it out!

    This MSS2011 is definitely a great experience for everyone! Definitely a great learning experience.. especially for "city kids" and future generations. hahaha I hope they keep up with the annual MSS!! Maybe one day I could have a chance of joining as well!! <3
    My recent post We Run This

    • says

      Memang a great experience – especially city kid like me never kena leech before.. Haha.. Jakun! :D
      OMG nasib baik none got on my body, I pakai shorts so maybe that's why dia tak naik ke atas kaki kot, dia tahu he can be seen.. LOL! Kalau naik kat body I pun trauma la kot.. The bite is quite itchy, dah la after jungle trekking we go inside muddy waters pulak, agaknya sebab tu lagi itchy.. :D xD
      My recent post #MSS2011 It’s time to go home – Day 5

  3. Lilian says

    Owwwww… I can't imagine myself trekking… haha… I've turned into a happy city dweller and love my city so much.

  4. says

    everybody jakun never seen leech before ke? memang very city girl la u.. but at least u didn't scream, that's worse.. :D jungle trekking is not my thing either.. coz i know if ever i come across some wild boar or big tiger, i canot outrun it and dono what to do to save myself.. hahaha xD

    • says

      Haha.. I hardly scream Danny.. If there's anything, I'll probably just whimper.. :D Oh luckily there was no wild boar or tiger that came across our path.. But there was a wild boar track that Zul pointed out.. I couldn't see a thing though, it looked very much like all the other dirt.. Haha.. See my comment is a city kid comment right? LOL! :D
      My recent post Mariage D’Amour

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