#MSS2011 Tears of the bloggers – Day 4 (Part 2)

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The name of the obstacle course is Tears of the Sun but one look at the course and I bet this obstacle course will be renamed to Tears of the Bloggers instead. We have to get into muddy waters, climb up and get down into the water and get to the end of the line as a team. Though by the end of the obstacle course and wet experience, I have to admit that this is one awesome team building process. I think it further strengthen our friendship and bond with each other even though at the beginning of this tour we have never met before.

*Tears of the Sun is part of the “Team Building Programs” offered at Awana Genting Highlands

Anyway, back to the Tears of the Sun. The reason this obstacle course is called “Tears of the Sun”, according to Zul is because it is done when the sun is beating on our backs and we have to get into water and work with our team mates in order to win. So, make sure you work together and don’t leave anybody to drown OK! :-P

Although I have no idea how they pick a winning team, I am guessing it has something to do with supporting each other and completing the obstacle course at a certain time. Like I said in my last post, I am in group 2. There are 5 teams altogether. Before we start the obstacle course, we have to hold the hand of those opposite to us and then work out to making a big circle. This puzzle didn’t take so long.

Love Peace, No War

Right after that, we have to run (well, we just walked actually) for about 1km towards the obstacle course. Climb some hills before jumping into the water, how fun. *sarcastic*

Once at the obstacle course, we are told to go in by groups and not at once because the course isn’t big enough for ALL of us. Group 5 was the first in. While we were waiting and Group 5 was in the third muddy pond, we heard Suzan scream and saw Hafiz holding her shoulders, probably trying to calm her. My group members was wondering what happened. Somebody said “snake” and I heard somebody else said “frog”. So, I repeated the word frog, hoping nobody is going to freak out from doing the activity.

(In truth, it was a snake, and a pretty long one too according to Fie who was in the same group as Suzan).

Crazy fun bloggers at work…

It’s my group!

We went in, got out, climbed up and jumped into water again. My white shoes became the color brown. I was lucky to have guys in the group because they help a lot in pulling me out of the water, especially since my wet shoes already weighed a ton.

What “fruit” are they talking about? Jeng jeng jengggggg…

By the end of the obstacle course, everybody was soaking wet but we surely had a lot of fun. We even celebrated by doing the macarena. Even the splinters in my hand does not deter me from following Hijrah dancing. :lol: We ended the obstacle course with some shared experiences by some of the bloggers. Zul said this is one of his favourite team because we are so fun and happening. We’re bloggers, of course we’re a happening lot! :-D

Photos without my watermark courtesy of Dian

So now is time to shower and to go back to where we started. I wished we could stay at Awana a day longer but alas, we can never always get what we wanted. There will always be a goodbye after a hello. The experience we had though, is nonexchangeable and will remain in our hearts forever.


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  1. says

    Wuahh bestnya! I thought the name Tears of the Sun came from wayang yg Bruce Willis jadi special ops masuk jungle tu. Hahahahaah.

    I, personally, have never been through an obstacle course.. but I wouldn't mind trying it out one day. But even if you said frog to me, I still would've been scared to go in. Apatah lagi snake! OH MY! I get the shivers just thinking about it.

    Team building exercises are always fun.. it definitely brings people closer.. so I think most companies should send their employees on courses like this at least twice a year kan? ;)

    Yalah bloggers are happening people. I don't think I've ever met a blogger yang tak happening.

    LOL @ feeq .. squeeze2..

    Urgh.. my connection sucks right now, so I'm gonna check out your vid once I get my fast connection back kay? ;)
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday: The Beauty of KK

    • says

      Hahah.. Yeah2, we were talking about the Bruce Willis thingy too before start the obstacle course.. Sekali tu, bila dah start, terkejut jugak kena masuk dalam selut.. Siap ada snake pulak tu.. OMG! :D I know Suzan was scared when she saw the snake but team work kan, she memang semangat pasukan betul lah.. She kuatkan her heart to go in jugak.. Even though this isn't some kinda Fear Factor or physical sport competition but the bloggers yang baru kenal each other few days can work with each other, help each other and push fears aside so can complete all the obstacle together as a team.. Awesome kan? :D

      Yups, companies should send their employees for this kinda activity lah.. Good for health also..

      Haha Feeq punya accent kan kelakar sikit.. Dian was saying, tak tahu dia ni apek ke melayu ke.. LOL!! xD :p
      My recent post #MSS2011 It’s time to go home – Day 5

  2. says

    Wowwwww…. Looking at the photo of u about to climb the pole, it's like ure thinking, "what did i just sign up for?" :D
    But reading ur post it's like ure so happy u did this and further strengthen the bond u have with ur other team members n blogger friends…. This is a tough team building process but a damn good one in making u guys work together! What a morning!

  3. Suriani says

    hahaha pecah2 perut saya gelak tengok video tu.. adoi lawak betul lah! dan gambar squeeze tu pun lawak… walaupun korang semua terpaksa berpenat lelah dengan obstacle course tu tapi muka semuanya hepi je lepas dah selesai… korang semua memang sporting habis lah!

  4. says

    Hahahaha you guys are all drenched from head to toe! xD I never thought you were an active person Bella, but you proved me wrong. You really managed to finish everything without a scratch and even did the macarena on stage.. All this while I figure you as a shy person but you changed in this competition which is applaudable.. :)

    • says

      Haaa.. Don't judge a book by its cover I say! :D I didn't exactly do the macarena.. I only followed Hijrah.. He did the Shakira booty shake.. LOL! xD Yeah we were all wet from head to toe since we had to dip our whole body (including head) in the water at one point.. But it was all in the name of sportsmanship and it's was fun all the way too! Haha..
      My recent post Our mini photography workshop

  5. says

    ure brave to go in the water even tho u heard snake or frog? very cool la u.. not so city girl then.. fascinated with leeches and brave with snake and frog.. xD n ure very active, joining this type of activity.. kudos bells!

    • says

      Haha.. I'm trying to be brave la.. I don't want to think about the snake so much too.. :D Ah-ha! Like I said in my comment above, don't judge a book by its cover! :D I have a little curiosity on things. So, I sorta will do things at least once in my life.. Hehe.. Thanks Danny! :)
      My recent post Immortals – Movie Review

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