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Alright, I’m not trying to make you guys puke with so many Chinese New Year Decorations posts but since we’ve just celebrated CNY a few days ago and I have about 2 posts left to do on CNY decorations of malls in Selangor/KL, I figure I should get this done and over with and maybe we can binge-read on other things after this yeah? Agree? :-P

This time I’ll let you check out the CNY decorations at KLCC and decide yourself if it is any better than other mall decorations I’ve featured so far. I went to Kinokuniya KLCC to get a book on the eve of Chinese New Year and took the opportunity to snap some photos while I’m there. I hardly go to KLCC anymore, unless if there was something urgent that I have to do. I used to come here every weekend ten years ago. Now, all I can think of is getting stuck in traffic jam.

In my opinion, KLCC’s decorations are mediocre in comparison to some other malls I’ve featured. I thought the stage was very bare, I don’t know if they’ve placed something on the stage before or if it was meant for lion dance but maybe there should be something placed at the empty stage area when there’s no activity to be done there. I thought having only two giant lanterns above the center court is not very charming. They should either put more lanterns or put more dragons. I don’t know what exactly but just put more of something to keep it from looking too bare.

I wonder whose idea this decoration belongs to? I have a question about the dragon though, is it like, sitting on golden pearls or something? And why does it’s front legs go up like that? Make it look like it’s trying to stop the traffic. :lol: And the tail makes the dragon look more like a lizard instead. There is more than one thing about this decoration that seemed a little wrong.

Before my brothers and I left KLCC for our CNY Eve dinner, we went out of Suria towards the fountain area and found that there are no decorations outside KLCC at all. Sadly I do not feel the festive mood here. I wonder if other patrons think the same thing too. Maybe the influx of foreigners (from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Taiwan and others) here don’t deserve a good decoration.

Yeah, there were too many foreigners here and they look at you like they want to eat you. Eeek! 8-O I nearly kicked a Bangladeshi in the shin for staring at me like I’m his dinner or something.

Are you guys ready for the remaining 2 of my 2012 Chinese New Year Decorations posts?

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Pavilion Kuala Lumpur – Chinese New Year Decorations 2012


It is the year of the dragon and no other mall showcases it better than Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur themed as the “Majestic Dragon Festival”. With a 600-feet long dragon that was hung at the center court from the top floor of the mall (Level 6) all the way to the Ground Floor, it is definitely a very attractive decoration. Anybody but anybody would be at awe to stand at its presence. It’s no wonder when I went there with my brothers, there were throngs of patrons snapping photos at every angle in the mall.

What else do I like about the decorations? The yellow and red lanterns, the many types of flowers all over and outside the mall and even the weird (in my opinion lizard-like) dragons on Royal Selangor’s walls look interesting. For someone who’s quite mad at photography at the moment (read : me), there’s so many things to capture on film that I didn’t even mind the huge crowd. My brothers had to wait for me to finish snapping this and that of course, pity those two. :-P

I love the idea of the dragon opening its mouth towards the angle of a ball-like figure hanging in front of it. I was told the ball-like figure is supposed to be an orange which the dragon is ready to consume but from the shape of the ball-like above, it seems more like a burning ball to me. Maybe the dragon spat the burning ball out of its mouth? :lol: We’ll have a long day guessing what it really means.

There are also traditional costumes on display at the mall. Above are the Court Robes or Dress in the Qing Dynasty. There are regulations to codify clothes according to ranks and stature. The photo above reads :

The ornamentation of formal (chaofu) and semi-formal (jifu) court robes included the dragon motif together with a decorative representation of the Chinese conception of the cosmos. The dragon symbolised the emperor, known as the Son of Heaven, and permission to wear the robe was given by him. Those who passed the civil service examinations and attained the status of a government official were also granted the privilege of wearing court robes. Rank was further distinguished by a hierarchy of colour and ornamentation. Apricot-yellow semi-formal dragon robe (jifu), silk and gold-wrapped thread embroidery on gauze weave silk, made in China.

I wish I had more time to take photos of the United Buddy Bears at Pavilion though, but there are just too many of them – more than 140 bears. Maybe I should go there again one of these days, before the last day of its display – 15th February 2012. If any of you is making your way to Pavilion KL, make sure you grab some memorable photos with the United Buddy Bears and the gorgeous fountain out front.

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