July 2011 Top Commenter


Alright my friends, it’s already the 3rd day of July. So it’s that time again. Time for what? Well, time to crown the top commenter of July 2011! And my oh my, looks like someone managed to seize the throne from Ladyjava this month! :D Who is it you ask? Well, it’s none other than…. *drumroll*

Yeay! My fellow Meow-lover and Virgo buddy – Mariuca from Meow Diaries! :-D So, you’ll be seeing Meow Diaries badge at my sidebar for this whole month of August OK? Friends, if you’d like to join the First Commenter Club, do checkout these rules and contact @Mariuca for the details. As long as you stick by the rules, we’ll have so much fun. There’s nothing wrong with giving some link love to your readers!

By the way, thanks to everyone who dropped by my blog last month and congratulations to all who made it in the FC Score Board. Hope to see more names in the FCSB this August because August is my birthday month. So, give me more love people! :lol:


♥♥♪♫¸.·´¯`·.¸♡♥♥ First Commenter ♥♥♪♫¸.·´¯`·.¸♡♥♥


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      Hi Claire.. Well, do you see the column FCC at my sidebar? There's a table there which is the scoreboard for me to update the points of my first commenters.. :) Each time I'll update and give backlink to my first commenter at my posts, I'll automatically update the scoreboard too. Why not join the club? :)
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