#MSS2011 Blind Trail & Happy Birthday Nigel – Day 3 (Part 4)

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Ready for some action? Well, actually I was a little scared of the “night activity” idea but when I found out it was blind trail, I relaxed a little. I was imagining something worse, like having to sit at a secluded spot in the jungle for half and hour or something. If that ever happens, I’ll probably ask to go to the loo first, or better yet, feign sickness. :-P

The blind trail isn’t so bad. We were asked to tie our eyes with a strip of white cloth that is padded with a piece of tissue paper so that we’ll feel comfortable yet at the same time not able to see anything. We then have to follow the thread (or trail) until the end of the journey. We have to bend if the trail goes lower and cannot pull at the thread so that the other bloggers will not get lost. Our trainer, Zul said that the blind trail will go on for 2 hours. Two hours? Is he for real? 8-O

(This is when we learned not to trust Zul. :lol:)

I was bummed out that I didn’t bring my camera along because we were told that the “night activity” is tough so I imagined we’ll be going in and out of water or something. So like many others, we left our cameras at the longhouse. Tian Chad eventually became the “official” photographer for us – the blindfolded bloggers – and didn’t join the Blind Trail.

“You walk, bend, squat…”

First 3 photos courtesy of: [http://tianchad.com]

Out of all 24 bloggers, I was the second to be picked to go. At first, Zul pulled my sweater and I was like, “Huh? What?” and he told me to get up coz it’s my turn to go. Nooo! I didn’t even get to say goodbye to anybody. 8-O At first, it was a little hard following the thread on my right but somebody told me to get to my left side because the pathway is easier. The minute I heard that I thought to myself that this can’t be so hard. There was one part somebody tickled my face with grass or something and I sneezed. I think I walked so fast (over-confident :-P) that I bumped into Shaleh, the first person to start the blind trail. My hand bumped his hand and I asked who it was. When I heard his voice, I knew it was Shaleh (since we’re in the same group). Then we held hands until we heard Fyruz’s voice telling us to trust her and follow her. Not long after that, Fyruz told us to open our blindfold and I saw that we’re in the middle of a football field and we’re the first two to arrive.

I made it. I’m not a chicken! :lol: The blind trail only took about 15 minutes if you walk at moderate pace. So smart of Zul saying that it’s 2 hours! :twisted:

That was when Fyruz told us the plan. The blind trail was just an activity to surprise Nigel who turned 36 that day. Oh wait, actually he’s Forever 21. :-P

One by one, bloggers arrive at our location and we ended up sitting facing each other and watching the stars in the sky. My handycam couldn’t capture clear photos in the dark, I am lucky to get at least one decent photo of the stars but  I have to saturate the pictures a little to make the stars seem clear. I actually thought the “night activity” was going to be some tough obstacle and didn’t want to spoil my camera along the way. :-( Darn. If I brought my DSLR, I would be able to capture Fie hugging the goal post and other funny moments by the bloggers.

It was set that Nigel would be the last to do the blind trail. So I was at the field for approximately 1 hour, waiting for everybody to arrive. I even managed to hear some ghost stories from Ridha just to pass the time. While everyone else was already walking about near the bonfire and Feeq trying to find a place to do his “business” (he was still having stomachache then), we saw Nigel slowly coming towards us. The minute he opened his blindfold, we sang “Happy Birthday” and his birthday cake was presented to him. Nigel was already not feeling well at the time but he was such a good sport and even ate the cherry on the cake.

“The Darth Vader who made the sound, run before Nigel whack you!” :lol:

After some group photo session near the bonfire, we headed back to Pasar Ikan Bakar for some light supper. By then, it was already 11.30pm. Luckily for water heater, Fie, Siti and I manage to have late night shower and not freeze in the cold Genting temperature. We tried to sleep as early as we could since we were told that tomorrow’s activity will start at 7am. It was a good night sleep that night, cool temperature and no mosquitoes. The only thing that pierced the air was Encik Hafeez’s loud snore that I bet can be heard by Tarzan himself! :lol:


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  1. says

    OMG!!! That is such a wonderful surprise party!! So creative lah!! hahahahaha I would have freaked out though by the blind trail. I really do appreciate my sense of sight and when I'm blindfolded I tend to freak out. Macam orang claustrophobic. I don't know the word for: phobia for loss of sight.

    But that was still pretty awesome! Happy Belated Birthday to Nigel!! So sayang kan you didn't have photos! A bonfire sounds so fun!! Definitely best lah this MSS2011!! I nak join next year boleh tak???? hahahahaha

    My recent post We Run This

    • says

      Phobia loss of sight? Hmm could it be Scotomaphobia? I tak lah freak out pulak when blinded.. My ears became more alert ada lah.. I dengar orang lari, rustling of leaves, some wind blowing behind me.. Haha.. Maybe that's more scary kot? :D Yeah,, So nice Nigel birthday celebrated like that.. Forever 21!
      Oh, got video you check it out la :)
      My recent post Advantages of having a DSLR

  2. says

    What an interesting activity…. And to end it all with a birthday surprise is just so cute and thoughtful.. I first thought this would be a "Amazing race" kinda competition where everybody is for themselves but this competition looks like a bond of brothers n sisters instead…. You guys don't look like ure in a competition at all… Incredible! :)

    • says

      So true.. This does not turn out like an "Amazing race" competition at all.. We ended up helping out each other, sharing each other's photos on the private MSS2011 FB, sharing jokes, even planning to visit each other too! Everyone's like a big happy family..
      My recent post An Inspiration

  3. Suriani says

    bestnyeeeeeeee… eiiii saya pun nak join lah MSS ni! haha…. best lah aktiviti ni dan happy birthday nigel dapat celebrate dengan cara yang sangat memorable.. dah lama tak gi genting, teringin lak lepas baca entry2 awak ni

  4. says

    "I thought to myself that this can’t be so hard. There was one part somebody tickled my face with grass or something and I sneezed. I think I walked so fast (over-confident :-P ) that I bumped into Shaleh, the first person to start the blind trail. My hand bumped his hand and I asked who it was. When I heard his voice, I knew it was Shaleh (since we’re in the same group). Then we held hands until we heard Fyruz’s voice telling us to trust her and follow her."

    cieeee bella and shaleh make anew scandal
    hahaha :p
    My recent post Lost in Singapore

  5. says

    Hahaha holding hands in the dark, that's "dangerous".. xD What a wonderful way to surprise someone on their birthday, you bonded with each other more with this type of activity and then celebrate it together. This night looked like a great night for all of you and feel sorry you didn't bring your new DSLR.. I'm sure you would've taken many beautiful photos with that brand new "baby" of yours! ;)

    • says

      Yeah, if I brought the camera I bet I'll be taking awesome photos with my baby.. :( But never mind, the memory is so much better.. :p Yeah, this whole competition didn't feel like a competition at all you know.. Everybody are so friendly and no jealousies or anything of that sort.. It's such a memorable experience!
      My recent post My Big Bad Book Buys

  6. says

    hahahahhahhahahahahahaha!!!! what a way to surprise someone.. even though its not the main idea but to incorporate the blind trail n birthday cake in the end is so nice of the organizers.. u guys look like so much fun la

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