#MSS2011 Goodbye Awana Genting – Day 4 (Part 3)

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“See you later longhouse”

Seems like it is time to say goodbye. But the motto of those at Awana Genting is to never say goodbye, but “I will see you again!” Of course, this is the same thing we say to each other because even though we know the clock is ticking, we really don’t want to go home. MSS2011 bloggers are like a family now.

1Benua boyband (from left) : Tian Chad, Hijrah, Dwi Andi, Feeq

Oh, oh.. Before we leave, let me introduce you to the 1Benua boyband! Look at these four good looking guys (good looking ah? 8-O ). Anybody interested? If interested, please submit your offer price ASAP. :lol: They do stripping job only on weekends. :-D

By this point, I already have the sniffles to accompany the sore throat. :-(

“Guys playing truant from work to come to the golf course”

From the longhouse, we walked back towards Awana Genting Highlands hotel. There were a few men playing golf near the Awana Genting Highlands hotel – this is the Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort. The guys noticed me snapping some photos of them and after one of them hit the ball, they walked towards me and this was our conversation in Malay :

Man 1: Hi little miss. Why are you taking our photos? Are we going to get in the newspaper or something?

Me : *laugh* No, we’re just bloggers and I’m taking the photo of you playing golf as one of the activities here.

Man 1: I see. I hope it doesn’t go viral or people will know we’re here playing golf instead of working.

Man 1, 2, 3 & me : *laugh*

*Moral of the story : Kids, don’t play truant from work or school ya! :-P



We then headed straight towards the Rajawali Restaurant for our lunch. Our luggages was already being brought to the entrance of Awana Genting Hotel earlier. I wasn’t so hungry but I took one look at the steaming mashed potato & cheese and I quickly heaped a few scoops of that onto my plate. *Yums*

“Dato Ruddin Salim, Christopher Eric Ruxton & Mohd. Najib Ariffin”

While we were eating, Dato Ruddin Salim; VP of GM Awana Genting Highlands came by to join us for lunch. He was very friendly, walking around to shake hands with each and every bloggers there. He was accompanied by Mr. Christopher Eric Ruxton; Executive Assistant Manager of Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort and Mr. Mohd. Najib Ariffin; Head of Awana Genting resort’s Fun & Adventure Unit (the guy with the cowboy hat). Zul was also there in his usual hype self. We were even told to do the “dance”!

Let’s do the dance!

“Group 5 – winners of Tears of the Sun”

There were some speeches made by Dato Ruddin, Mr. Najib and then there was the prize-giving ceremony to the winning group of Tears of the Sun which is – Group 5! Suzan sprained her left knee during the activity after she saw the snake, but due to encouragement from her team and a strong sportsmanship, she still went all out to finish the obstacle. Kudos to group 5!

Right after lunch, we hop back into the bus and headed back to where we started – Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

We slept along the way back and arrived at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie around 3.30pm. We were given our room keys cards and this time I am roomies with Suzan. Throughout the MSS2011 journey I haven’t spoken much with Suzan so being in the same room with her allows me to learn more about her. We were told to be at the lobby by 6.30pm because dinner at The Mix will start at 7pm.

“jump to bed”

While waiting for dinner time and hoping sleep would come, we talked about our work, about relationships, about her friends making that Twitter trending topic, and others. Suzan even told me about the snake during the obstacle course and how, as a Javanese, she said they believe that if you saw a snake then soon there will be an accident. Maybe that’s why she sprained her knee after that. :-(

By this time, my sore throat was getting worse even though I took some Strepsils from Hafiz. Just as Suzan and I chatted as we lie on our beds, we slowly drifted off to sleep…


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  1. says

    Wuahh! cool ah the Head of Awana Genting's fun and adventure unit.. hahah macam indiana jones! LOL! :)

    I think after all the activities, kena panas (cycling), kena sejuk (blind trail) then soaking wet (team building) during the whole trip.. I guess some of you guys were bound to get sick. :(

    Boleh tahan Suzan still managed to win the obstacle course with her team. Congrats Group 5! :) I don't know about the accident after seeing a snake. Pernah masa I preggers with Buddy, a snake came into the house.. which has NEVER happened in 20 years! I didn't have an accident after that, Thank God, but I guess there's an explanation why Buddy was born with a lisp. hahahaha pssttt.. mcm snake.

    Wuah best pulak #MSS ni.. got bloggers from Indonesia also! :)
    My recent post Wordless Wednesday: The Beauty of KK

    • says

      LOL! Kan? When we first arrived, dia tak pakai shades tapi ni siap shades and topi koboi, memang macam Indiana Jones! LOL!! :D

      Ya lah, I wasn't the only one yang sakit.. Nigel had stomach problems, a few people started coughing already, including Feeq. Ada yang dah selsema and demam.. Maybe coz of the temperature and the activities too. Tak sangka going to be physical like this kot..

      Usually masa preggers, people tak kasi kill snake or whatever other animals (venomous or not) yang masuk house.. Last time when my mom pregnant my brothers, we found one big giant ular sawa coiled nicely outside my mom's master bedroom window.. How it got there also we don't know since my mom's room is on third floor. The scales of the python is so pretty and it's curled up like a big sleeping baby or something.. My parents called the bomba coz my late grandma won't allow even my dad to halau or kacau the python.. She said not good for my pregnant mom.. When bomba arrived, they looked at my mom's tummy and they also told my mom and dad to sit in another room, don't look at the python, takut if terkenan or something.. When they took the python, its so baik just ikut masuk the guni.. The bomba guy said they gonna bring the python to zoo or something since it's big and got nice scales.. Not long after that, when my mom go checkup, she found out she pregnant twins.. Haha..

      Last year's MSS also got Indonesian bloggers sweetie but this year maybe lebih sikit kot.. :)
      My recent post An Inspiration

  2. says

    Btw, I think with the fast paced trips at different temperature, it is understandable that u might fall sick, in addition to being near sick people too.. Hope u take some meds soon!

  3. Suriani says

    aduh dah nak balik ke? rasa macam nak awak tulis macam2 lagi… kalau macam2 tempat lagi dilawat lagi bestttt.. tapi katil kat holiday inn tu nampak memanggil2 betul.. kalau saya dah lama saya lompat dan bermimpi… :D

  4. says

    I didn't know you have an advert for strippers now. Hahaaaha!! The food looks mouth watering.. You guys are eating ALL the time, I'm getting jealous here looking at all the delicious food.. The bed looks very good too.. (Sleepy now.. hahaaha) :D

  5. says

    i knew it.. with the change of temperature from hot to cold, u will definitely fall sick.. bet got other people sick oso in the group rite.. aiyohhh going back already ah? i pulak feeling sad for what.. haha..

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