#MSS2011 It’s time to go home – Day 5

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It is the last day and we finally have to say goodbye to each other.. :cry: In truth, this past 5 days didn’t feel like 5 days at all! Not only because every waking minute was filled with interesting activities but also because of the company that we had. I guess when the people are fun, friendly and fabulous, you just can never get enough of them! Not to mention that you learn more than a thing or two and you turn into as fun, friendly and fabulous as all of them. Even the quiet ones become more outgoing because of this competition.

Last night, I didn’t sleep much. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling so cold but when I touch my forehead it was burning so, I crawled slowly to the bathroom (afraid of waking up Suzan) and had a cool towel placed on my forehead the whole night. At dawn though, my body felt so hot as if I’m in a sauna so, I crept slowly to the air-cond dial to turn the air-cond on. I was feeling quite weird and by the morning, I know I am going to be sick sick sick… :-(

We had our breakfast at Kites Restaurant, the only thing I don’t have was kites. I had no appetite to eat anything so I just had Apple juice. Bbunz was supposed to pick me up at 10am and Feeq and Tian Chad will be following me back. Luckily Bbunz arrived a little late due to being lost because Feeq woke up late and Tian Chad also arrived for breakfast a little late. :-D I guess this last day is all about being late because when we met Dwi Andi at the lobby, he said he missed his flight because he woke up late too. OMG, hope he can go home though.

After breakfast, I walked around Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie a little bit. What a beautiful place. The sounds of children laughing near the poolside, the buzz of guests talking to each other and the laughter of some of the MSS2011 participants while they were eating drifted off to where I was standing.

It was harder to say goodbye this year in comparison to last, maybe because everybody was so remarkable and “crazy” at the same time. I know if it were any other time or situation, we might not know or open up to each other the way we did in this competition. So, I only have positive remarks for this competition and for those who are involved in this competition too.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Horizon Communications for organizing an educational competition such as this and to Tourism Selangor for opening our eyes to what Selangor has in store and allowing us to explore the treasures of this beautiful state. Of course not forgetting all the other sponsors too, for making our 5 days 4 nights stay comfortable, memorable and lively. A round of applause and huge THANK YOU to:

  • Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie for being extra helpful to all of us,
  • Resort World Genting for being our official resort and allowing us the comfortable stay at Awana Genting,
  • Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa for the enjoyable activities – from water sports to outdoor stuffs and entertainment,
  • The Mix for having us on our first day and our final dinner as well as letting us leave with the most celebrated and unforgettable last night in this competition,
  • Pentax for being our official camera which not only worked as backups to our own camera but was also much useful for us during harder activities – such as the Obstacle Course and Blind Trail.
  • The Cube for being our official telco, allowing us to tweet and post our status on our trips on-the-go. Also for the fast uploads of photos and short videos.
  • Firefly for being the official airline – though I didn’t fly in to Selangor on Firefly since I am already in Selangor, I do hope I can experience Firefly one day after listening to the praises by the other bloggers and my friends who had been on Firefly before.


Everything was smooth as butter because of the supportive and hardworking behind-the-scenes people and so, to all that was involved, especially the Tourism Selangor team for being our surrogate parents or family members, you guys are boombastic!

Oh, and also not forgetting to mention the ones who made all this an experience of a lifetime and who were amazing in their own unique ways. Looking through the photos shared by the other bloggers on the MySelangorStorytellers 2011 FB page made me laugh all by myself, recalling the weird, the insane, the incredible and the ridiculous antics of each and every one of the MSS2011 contestants. I truly wish there is a way to capture what we had in MSS2011 and keep it in a book or a DVD or something. :-P

So, to all these awesome possums, I know I am going to miss each and every one of you. You guys are the Fantastic 24 (which definitely includes the over-helpful & hyper Dian!). *LOVE* Photobucket


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  1. says

    Awwww… I couldn't believe I'm at ur last post already! I was starting to feel attached to u guys too.. i can understand ur feelings sweet…. But I'm sure u know this, friendship lasts forever… I <3 reading ur posts this year in comparison to last because it seems much more personal… Keep in touch with those Top 24 and I'm sure ure life will be more colorful and animated… <3 :*

  2. Suriani says

    alah saya pun terasa sedih dah habis dah MSS ni… melalui penulisan awak saya rasa macam korang semua ni rapat sangat.. kalau saya pun tentu saya sedih… penaja pertandingan ini memang berjaya dalam semua aspek.. bukan je sebagai penaja pertandingan tapi menjalinkan hubungan persahabatan dikalangan blogger2… sungguh hebat pertandingan ni! harap ada bahagian untuk awak gak bella ;)

  3. says

    I use to mistake the Holiday Inn Glenmarie and the one nearby SJMC but with your blog posts, not anymore. I like how Holiday Inn Glenmarie looked like.. The interior looks spacious.. I wish you had more on your room though but it's ok.. Wish you all the best in this competition Bella and hope you get better! ;)

  4. says

    last day already? wow.. time sure flies reading all ur excapades in this competition.. feel like i was experiencing the fun all sweat with u as well.. appreciate all the infos i get from ur posts too.. u have really opened my eyes about selangor.. all this while i always thot selangor so boring, nothing much here only buildings and roads but u made me see the greenery and the beauty of flora & fauna thru ur blog.. i give a huge round of applause to u bells!

    • says

      Thanks so much Danny.. I'm glad I could help make you see what Selangor has in store.. Yeah, there are so many places in Selangor that people don't know of, including those born and raised in Selangor.. I don't doubt that with MSS, there will be more of Selangor to be unraveled.

      Thank you for the appreciation Danny! :)
      My recent post Immortals – Movie Review

  5. says

    the hotel looks peaceful.. not the type of hotel where to many people always come and go.. nice like this, peaceful so tak kena kacau what u doing.. im sure u all had a good time in this contest and hope u guys will be friends always.. will be nice if u guys got gathering or something someday.. well if someone organize for u la i mean..

    once again, congrats bells on joining this contest and sharing the beauty of selangor with us all.. ;) xD

    • says

      Yeah, you take the words right out of my mouth.. It sure does not look like most hotels with people hustling and bustling about.. The people here are friendly, greeting you wherever you go and the customers greet each other too, probably due to the positive vibe around.. I sure hope our friendship will never end and yeah, it would definitely be a great thing if there's a gathering or something.. :)

      And once again thanks Danny for enjoying my posts! ;)

      My recent post Our mini photography workshop

  6. says

    Aww thank you sweetie.. Thanks for enjoying my posts.. I had hoped it would make others inclined to visit these places I've visited and look at the beauty of these places themselves.. Minus the leech and hiking tho.. Haha.. :D

    Firefly to KK? Can go visit your late grandad's longhouse also ke? Wanna see also the real one.. Hehe.. Tu lah, plan to go KK but tak pergi2 lagi.. Haih..
    My recent post #MSS2011 It’s time to go home – Day 5

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